Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My MLB All-Star Ballot

Go ahead pick it apart. Here is my MLB All-Star Ballot for this year, as of today. 

American League

  • 1B - Davis, Chris
  • 2B - Pedroia, Dustin
  • SS - Andrus, Elvis
  • 3B - Cabrera, Miguel
  • C - Mauer, Joe
  • DH - Ortiz, David
  • OF - Jones, Adam
  • OF - Rios, Alex
  • OF - Trout, Mike

National League

  • 1B - Goldschmidt, Paul
  • 2B - Phillips, Brandon
  • SS - Segura, Jean
  • 3B - Headley, Chase
  • C - Molina, Yadier
  • OF - Braun, Ryan
  • OF - Gonzalez, Carlos
  • OF - Upton, Justin


Granted there are still another two months until the game so is it a real representation of what value they present to their given team in only six weeks of employment. I mean seriously they could tank or phone it in for the rest of the year. Of course these are only the position players the pitchers and reserves will be picked by SFO Bruce Bochy and DET's Jim Leyland. Do I dare to wonder who their favorites will be?

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