Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm a Bostonian

It looks like the noose of justice is closing in on the person(s) responsible for the grotesque and cowardly acts that took place on Monday at the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. I felt that I finally needed to chime in. Like everyone else I felt outrage at the cost of human blood for whatever reason. Which is still yet to be discovered but as in the Newtown killing I do NOT want to know much else about the perpetrator(s). I just do Not think they deserve any attention beside what the final verdict is once they stand trial.

Because their reason what ever that maybe is invalid. I do not care if this was because of US policy foreign or domestic. That is Not how you gain sympathy for your cause. That IS NOT how things are done here in the US.There is nothing that they have to say that contains any meaningful arguments and all  statements should be silenced. They will get their day in court which is way more than they even deserve. Because these actions are NOT covered by the 1st Amendment.

 If that person is a US resident they should be stripped of their citizenship and then set afloat in a rubber dingy in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Trust me when I say this the other thoughts of punishment I have had, I'm pretty sure would violate US Laws and/or  UN Treaties on Human Rights, NOT that they deserve any. Fuck Them and maybe lady Justice will be kinder to them.

(Update: No arrest had been made the AP and CNN miss reported that. Though authorities are close to making an arrest. I have edited the current addition) Fingers Crossed the Get the FUCKER!

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