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Play Ball!!! 2013 MLB Predictions

Happy Easter and Passover!!!

This week the 2013 baseball season opens with tonight first game between the new AL West rivals the Texas Rangers v. Houston Astros. Besides those facts there is not much of a reason to even tune unless you are a fan of one of those teams. 

As I have done the past few years here are my predictions for the 2013 season. I don't know if you could call these bold by any means. Last year I was terrible, so I hope you didn't put any money on them, but I did warn you. The one thing that I have noticed this year that there has been a few power shifts. Both the NL and AL  East will be very competitive as well as the West in both leagues. The Central in both leagues are still top heavy, and taper off quickly after that. 

The LA Dodger is now the free spending club that will do anything to buy a title. Unlike the NY Yankees, who would target established MVP's the Dodgers have just, well taken on a bunch of bad contracts. Their only saving grace maybe the home grown talent of Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp. The NY Yankees are oddly thrifty this off season trying to get under the luxury tax. There are a few teams that  I could see being dominate this year, and seems that there is more power in the NL this year. 

Mariano Rivera
1. Orioles They almost pulled everything together last year with on of the best bullpens in the MLB, but they need take commanding leads and not just squeak by. I think they can prove last year was not all luck, but will not make it past the first round of the play offs. 2. Rays Once again at there near the top of the AL East with solid pitching even with trading James Shields for prospect Wil Myers, but I do not expect to see him this year.  3. Blue Jays picked up some of the best pieces from the Marlins combined with what they already had will have them hanging with the Ray's all the way into September.  4. Red Sox None of the off season additions will put them over the top, but still good for 85 wins. This will be a rebuilding year, and if they are not close at the end of July look for Elsbury to be moved. 5. Yankees DEAD LAST! I did not think I would ever say that, but age and injuries are taking there toll. The only thing they Yankees have going for them this year is Mariano Rivera's farewell, it will be the shining moment of their entire season. 

Terry Francona
1. Tigers Still at the top of the AL with one of the best top of the rotation combos with Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer. But will loose to the Angels in the end. 2. Royals Added a top of the rotation starter with James Shields, but still not enough to put them past the Tigers . The young talent is pooling here it just needs to help stream some winning streaks together. They are going to be fun to watch, and if you are GM that is in rebuilding mode you can learn from the Royals. 3. Indians Tito is the new captain at the helm, but probably a year way from being back on near the top of the Central.  4. White Sox They really did not do anything too improve the team in the off season. I just don't have high expectations for them5. Twins Things have not gotten any better.

Mike Trout
1. Angels Trout, Trout, Trout! Will prove why he should have been the MVP last year. Starting five are solid, and the line up card is dangerous.  2. Athletics Tons of young talent especially in the pen.   3. Rangers Will miss Josh Hamilton, unfortunately the managerial miss steps usually costs them again.   4. Mariners they need more than just Felix Hernandez to push them into the top. They have young talent, but none has really stepped up.   5. Astros Some things never change. 

AL Wild Card A's and Rays
AL Champs Angels
AL Cy Young Justin Verlander
AL MVP Mike Trout

J. Heyward, BJ and Justin Upton.
1. Nationals Pitching ... Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gonzalez and Haren. Then there is a strong bullpen.  Harper is the rival to trout in the NL. The Braves could be hurt by the pitching match ups.   2. Braves Pitching depth is the Braves strong point. The only question is will the hard hitters have plate discipline, they could set a league record for strikeouts with the Upton's and Jason Heyward. They are going to miss Chipper and Prado. 3.Phillies: Lee, Hamels and Halladay is showing his age. Like the Red Sox they sold off  pieces last year, it's a rebuilding year. 4. Mets Can the young pitchers step it up with Johann withering away? The Marlins make everyone look good  5. Marlins Traded everyone, Fired manager, Ugly Stadium, the fans hate the ownership this team could be the worst team in all of the MLB. I wouldn't be surprised to see Giancarlo Stanton moved at the trade deadline. 

Andrew McCutchen
1. Cardinals There maybe only a 5-8 games that separate the Reds and Birds all season long. They have the right mix of youth and experience to drive them to the play offs, but will not make it past the 1st round.  2. Reds The Cardinals better not trip anyway along the way, if they do the Reds will fly past. 3. Brewers Offense is led by Braun, but the MLB has him in their crosshairs, can they find something more than just his name on a piece of paper? 4Pirates Still lack the pitching to take them from contender to the league leader. I would look for Andrew McCutchen to have a career year, and I like him for MVP. 5. Cubs Still rebuilding, at least a couple of years off before they can compete. 

Troy Tulowitzki
1. Giants The same core group is still there, are they still hungry for the title? 2. Dodgers I don't buy it, Just because it worked for the Yankees does not mean it will work everywhere. If things are not working out I wouldn't be surprised to see them buying in July. 3. Diamondbacks Give up to soon on everything they do.  4. Padres Every time I think they something going they shake off the sign. 5. Rockies After Troy Tulowitzki there nothing positive to say.

NL Wild Card Braves and Reds
NL Champ Nationals 
NL Cy Young Stephen Strasburg
NL MVP Andrew McCutchen

World Series: Nationals vs Angels

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