Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sequel

As we all know that sequels are never meet our expectations. I say this as I watch the second Presidential Inauguration. What I want to see from our government over the next four years is an end to partisan bickering. I want our elected officials to remember that they are just that, elected at the will of the people. I want to see them check their parties at the door of the White House or Capitol and get to work. I want them to solve the problems that our Nation faces to make America stronger. I know these are lofty goal, but shouldn't we have those? Why should we have to settle for mediocrity from our elected representation? Why should we allow these elected officials to procrastinate or worse watch them lay on the floor, cry and scream because they do not get their own way.
I am sick and fucking tired of these elected officials not getting shit done. Why have we become so polarized? Why can't either party find the middle and solve the Nations problems. There are issues and problems that have been put off to long and we should demand that action is taken.
In the end I want to remind all of America that no matter what your ethnicity, religion, political polarity, gender or sexual orientation is that we are Americans first and equal in the end.
Enough Said!

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