Saturday, January 05, 2013

Four Albums

Wow what a fucking shit year! I really was not impressed, it did have a few redeeming moments but over all it wasn't worth the time it took. What was good in the past year well I had a nice vacation with the Ryan and the family. We went on the 5 day cruise out of Boston to Canada. I promise I will post some photos I've been slow I know. After that I can't think of to many other high points. 

So I haven't post any musical recommendations lately. I thought that this would be a fine opportunity to share Four albums that I liked and that were released in 2012. I do want to make this point these albums where I liked every song that I heard off of them. Like many of you I hen peck what songs I download, I like track 1, 6, 7, 9, and 12 or maybe it's just one track. This does beat those days where you had to buy the CD, for those three songs. They all are available on eMusic, Amazon and iTunes or directly from the artist. 

Dandy Warhols -This Machine
Dandy Warhols - This Machine 
It is a fun and interesting album with some catchy lyrics. It's a bit of a dark and deep music it is obvious in the Well They're Gone. In some ways it brings me back to high school and the 80's. It just kind of reminds me one of the bands from early MTV era. It is strongly represented in the 3rd track Autumn Carnival and 6th Rest Your Head. My favorite track from the whole album is the 8th I am Free I'm pretty sure it has gotten little to no air time. I considerate to be alternative but I have learned that music genres are often eschewed. 

Aimee Mann - Charmer
Aimee Mann - Charmer 
I was first introduced to Aimee Mann by an old room mate in San Diego that was totally infatuated by her music. I never complained it had a nice folksy beat and she continues that style in this album. It's not too mello that you'll find yourself falling asleep it has nice toetapping beat. The 5th track Soon Enough will have you tapping your toe or even singing along. My favorite track from the album is Red Flag Diver. Other tracks I really liked are Gamma Ray with it's cool guitar work and title track Charmer
I just hope it does not make the playlist at work

Gary Clark Jr. - Blak and Blu
Gary Clark Jr. - Blak and Blu
This album is probably the hardest to contain it in one musical genre it's Jazz, Rock, Blues and R&B and none of which truly defines it. If I had to pick one album from 2012 this might be the biggest surprise. This is one of those albums you want playing at the bar as you hanging out with friends. I think the track Bright Lights defines the time you'll have. I think I can hear it playing at (insert favorite bar here). The next tracks I would listen to are Travis County and When My Train Pulls In . The track that I like the most is the next track 7 The Life, it's more on the R&B but it's catchy. There isn't a track I don't like or would skip over. 

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos
Ensemble Caprice - Bach: Brandenburg Concertos
Okay before you freak out and run screaming because now you are being exposed to classical music. There are some days I just want to relax maybe contemplating how I can effectively better mankind, then I drift off to sleep. But there are those times that I want to read or think so I want something that does help me relax and block out the distractions. I know there is nothing new or edgy about this series but it's Bach so how can you go wrong. The Ensemble Caprice conducted by Matthias Maute is a nice group. In case you are wondering yes I did shorten the title which is Bach: Brandenburg Concertos - Shostakovich: Preludes Op. 87. Give it a try you might like it.

I hope you enjoy these picks I try to seek out new music that "IS NOT ON THE TOP 40".Seriously Adele is talented but I really get bored hearing the same shit over and over again (Clear Channel looking your way). 
I want to give you my podcast choices in the near future. But until then have a good weekend. If you have a selection or album that you think I may enjoy just post it in the comments, I'll see it :-)

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