Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Chosen One

Well maybe not. But almost, see I had jury duty today. Yes the most dreaded of all civic duties but is a lot harder to get out of than not voting. Like so many people just do not do for whatever reason(lazy bums). I was hoping that I would not have to report, yeah no such luck.

I found my way over to the Dekalb County Courthouse in Decatur checked in and found myself a quiet spot. The court clerk and one of the judges came in and laid out how the day would progress and what we should expect. About every 45 minutes the clerks would come in and read off a group names and then send the rest of us on a 15 minute break. Finally things were looking good there was only one more case left that they were waiting on and told he'd be back in 10 minutes to either send us to lunch or home.

He come back and reads off about 50 names, which mine was not one of and I was hoping I'd be heading home. NO such luck, I guess it was their way of playing with us or inserting some kind of sick humor into our day, they told the rest of us to hold tight. Another 20 minutes passes and he comes back and tells us all to go lunch and be back from lunch at 12:55.

Once we were back from lunch they told us that the judge was ready for us and they would be sending up to the Superior Court, Wooo.  We all get upstairs and they give us all numbers and tell us to wait and we would be going in soon. They had all us waiting there in the hall for about a half hour now it's about 1:40. Then all of a sudden 4 Deputy Sheriffs going racing past us, into the courtroom where of course we were soon to be going into. Then a couple of more coming hurrying past us, then they call the court clerk into the court room and we wait some more. All of are like what the crap is going on in there and do we really want to be in that court room. I'd like to say to make a long story short but that was it the clerk came back into the hall thanked all of for our patients and we could go home. Wooo Hooo!

I have to surmise they either settled the case or because of all of the commotion we were now tainted. It would not be fair to whatever maniac they had into that courtroom to have us as jurors since we were all pasting together our own scenarios from all of the  Law and Orders that we had seen over the years. In a way I was kind of intrigued to get my chance to sit on the jury since I had made it that far. I was already think about my best Henry Fonda impression from 12 Angry Men and standing up for justice.

I can say bring a book, kindle, iPod/iPhone and be patient. They did have wifi in the waiting area so you can entertain yourself. Though if you have to talk on the phone bring an ear piece, there was one asshole caring on a conversation on speaker phone, luckily the clerks nipped that in the butt quickly. Also if a stranger is reading don't try to strike up a conversation with them this not airplane there were plenty of other people sitting there doing nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I love the movie 12 Angry Men! Whenever I hear of someone going for jury duty, I tell them to make sure they watch this movie, lol.

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