Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2013 MLB Hall Of Fame

Today at 2PM the Baseball Hall of Fame Commitee will announce the results of this years voting. This is the first time the "assumed" Performance Enhancing Drug era players will get their first chance to be on the ballot . I'm really torn about this part me say they fuck cheated and shouldn't be allowed in. But none of the players that I would vote for have actually been caught with a needle in their arm shooting up or whatever they do with. But I think I have to put that aside since other the accusations and allegations there is little proof for this group.

I will admit I personally do not like Barry Bonds. But as a player he was good no matter what you think he may have done or been on. Lets be serious these players had the talent to get this far before they started taking any magic potion. Are their players like Manny Ramirez that are trying to get back youth and they think PED's might be the way? Sure. 

To be enshrined, players must be named on at least 75% of the voting members of the Baseball Writers of America AssociationEach voting cycle, qualified members of the BBWAA name no more than 10 eligible players whom they consider worthy of Hall of Fame honors. If I had a ballot which I do not these are the 10 players I would vote for. (They are in no specific order)

  1. Craig Biggio
  2. Larry Walker
  3. Alan Trammell
  4. Barry Bonds
  5. Jeff Bagwell
  6. Rafael Palmero
  7. Roger Clemens
  8. Tim Raines
  9. Kenny Lofton
  10. Dale Murphy
**Update: No players were selected this year the first time since 1996 and Dale Murphy lost his final year on the ballot. I think his only chance is the Veterans Committee but don't quote me on that. 

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