Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Now Ponder This...

Here is something to think about now that you have cast your ballot. On the 2012 Presidential approximately $2 BILLION dollars was spent. Yes, your eye's are not deceiving you  $2 Billion dollars was spent by the candidates, the parties and Super PACS. So what can you buy with that kind of money...

  • 1. Virginia Class Nuclear Submarine
  • 2. (2) Stealth Fighters or (1) Stealth Bomber (bombs not included)
  • 3. Find the cure for Lou Gehrig's disease or Prostrate Cancer
  • 4. 68 Lebron Jameses , 40 Kobe Bryants, and 83 Albert Pujolses
  • 5. How about the best soccer team in the world? Barcelona is valued at $975 million and still have money left over to buy the LA Lakers $637 Million. 
  • 6. Maybe (2) of $800mil 'Eclipse' Yachts, it would keep you safe with its anti-missile defense system and an anti-paparazzi laser .
When you think about it that is pretty fucking crazy. So now I ask was it worth it all? 

1 comment:

Jason said...

Or buy 2 billion life saving meals for starving children in Africa.

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