Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calm It

Exactly. As I was walking out of a store today I overheard some people talking with the lame ass (Salvation Army) bell-ringer; about if some one wishes them a "Happy Holidays" they are going to throw it back in their face with a "Merry Christmas". Then they went on about some bullshit about a "war on Christmas" and taking the Christ out of Christmas. I'm guessing they all just got off a bus from Colorado or Washington and are still reveling because of the legalization of Pot or they just watch to much FOX News. 

First off Christmas was a pagan holiday that had Christ added to it and no one really know when he was born. It's only a Theory he was born around the time of the Winter Solstice only to entice more pagan to convert to your superstition. 

Secondly as an Agnostic none believing heathen, I don't give a damn what or who you believe. I really do not think that many none christians give two flying fucks what you call the holiday. 

Thirdly I still celebrate the holiday for what it is supposed to represent. You know those things that most people forget all about at this time of the year...Peace on Earth and  Love thy Fellow Man
Many people forget that and all they fucking think about is give ME give Me give Me, they don't give to damns about Christ. So don't get up on your high horse and say the non believer are trying to take your Christ away. This is a free country believe what you want, if you think God live on some extraterrestrial rock with little green men, then have at. 

Do you know what offends most nonbeliever is the bullshit that we should believe what you believe. Dude just stay in your space and stay out of mine. Sorry but I have a sense or "Reality" and Freedom of Religion does not mean you have to have one. 

As far as donating money this holiday season I highly recommend giving to these groups...

And a Good Day to You Sir!

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