Friday, October 05, 2012

Wrapping up the Week

1. My take on Wednesday's Presidential debate... Ok so Romney wins the debating prize. He also wins the lying and deception prizes.  I also think that Romney changed his stance once again on at least 3-4 issues. Maybe it was me but what was up with Romney's smirk he had from the minute he walked on stage until they left. Was his dog still on the roof of the limo? Obama look distracted it was almost like he had just gotten laid. Yes I went there, I mean it was his 20th anniversary so the possibility is there. I really think he was hoping Romney would just say something totally whacked, then wanted to pounce, and it just didn't happen. I guess you can believe he was rusty but he did do a lot better against McCain. I can only hope Obama  does better the next time around. As far as the moderator I never been a fan of his. 

2. Bobby Valentine the manager of the Boston Red Sox was let go yesterday. It wasn't like the fan base didn't see it coming. I think if they hadn't the fans would have tarred and feathered him and chased him down on his bike. No matter whom the Red Sox hire as a replacement is walking into an optimal situation and at best they will be a .500 team next year. 

3. Braves make finished nice this year and will play the St. Louis Cardinals in a one game Wild Card game tonight. It's going to be a coin flip really anyone can win, though I like the Braves' chance with pitcher Kris Medlen starting against Kyle Loshe. After than the winner will be heading off to DC to play the Nationals. As a Braves fan that scares me even if they will be playing without their staff ace Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals have had the Braves number most of the season. 

4. Oakland A's beats out Texas Rangers for the West, which forces the Rangers to play in AL one game wildcard play off. The Rangers squandered a 10 game lead in the West at the beginning of September. I don't know if the rested players at the wrong time, it was just bad luck or bad managing. What ever it was the fucked themselves and now have to play in a do or die game situation. But Congrats to the A's I like the youth on their team but I didn't think it would shine this year. I will admit I have never been a Ron Washington fan, the manager for the Rangers, I just feel he has micro-managed his way into 2 World Series losses. So I want to see the Orioles beat Texas, but in one game I feel Texas has the edge, unless Ronnie fucks up again. 

5. NHL has canceled the first 2 weeks of the season, Yawn, I think they should have canceled the WHOLE Season seeing how the players have fled to Russia and the EU to play. I wish them the best of luck playing over there. The NHL really needs to Fire Gary Bettman who single handly has killed a great sport. I know I will not be watching ANY games this year. But if you are a fan, I would highly recommend going to watch NCAA, Minor league or local High school games I know they would appreciate the attendance and support. 

Well the Braves game is about to start so I hope everyone has a great weekend. Sorry I haven't post that much lately, I hope to do more in the coming weeks. 

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Jason said...

I enjoyed your take on the first Presidents Debate, you are spot on, I've not thought about the getting laid bit before now, but that could certainly explain his lacklustre performance.

*waves from Brighton*

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