Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freak'n Crazy Weather

There is not much that I can say that will improve the conditions in the North Eastern Corridor that have been stricken by the likes of the Frankenstorm Sandy. I just hope that everyone's family and friends are safe and sound. Things will get better with each passing day. At first it will be overwhelming, then you feel anxious, and with time you will see progress. I think this photo says it all it was taken on the day after. 
 If you are looking to help and you are able to I recommend American Red Cross as an all encompassing organization that is in direct contact and are respected. 
1. giving  a pint of blood ( They can direct you to the nearest blood drive in your area. Because of Sandy the Red Cross was forced to cancel 300 local blood drives. This is a crucial resource for a disaster and the medical emergencies that arise.  
2. make a contribution to the American Red Cross ( Money always helps and I'm sure that there are thousands of people that do not have flood insurance and now have lost everything. 

If you are in the affected area and need assistance the Red Cross can direct you to the nearest shelter 

If you are so able and are looking to donate items the Red Cross usually has a list of things that are need in the affected area, so please check that out. 

I also want to warn you of scammers they always tend to pop up like pimples before the prom.

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