Monday, September 17, 2012

I Loved Hockey

To the NHL, NHLPA and the owners you have lost a life long hockey fan. I grew up watching the likes of Cam Nelly, Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Terry O'Reilly and Ray Bourque. I followed each shot, Save and bone crushing hit, it was speed of the game it was an adrenaline rush just to watch. I cheered out loud each season I defend this sport from friends that criticized it and did not understand it. As a kid I lived hockey, I loved going to the games and watching it with friends and family. 
Then over this weekend I read the stories about more labor problems. The players will not give enough and the owners want more and the fans pay the price. I now have to say I'm tired of the bitter squabbling over money. As a kid would have given my left nut to have the opportunity, to be that talented to play that game at that level. But I'm not so I am or now was a fan.  
If they want to know why revenues are down, that is because your fans are not making as much as we once were. We can not afford to take our friends and families to games, they are no longer affordable for a family. Have they been paying attention to the economies in North America? Maybe. Maybe Not.
For myself I have to say No More! If one game is lost, I will no longer sit by and endure another lost season. Thanks for Memories I will not be back this time. 

I sent this to NHPLA, Gary Bettman's of the NHL and Boston Bruin's fan relations I don't expect a reply. 

NHL puts lockout in playCBA expired at midnight; labor impasse centers on revenue sharingIn the middle of the night, when Saturday turned into Sunday, the NHL went dark. The NHL locked out its players — as it had in 2004-05 — upon the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement at midnight. No formal negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA took place on Saturday.The disagreement centers on the players’ share of league revenue.The NHL reported $3.3 billion in gross revenue in 2011-12. In the final year of the expired CBA, the players received 57 percent of hockey-related revenue. In its latest proposal, the NHL offered a six-year term, with player share designated at 49 percent in the first season. Players would not be subject to salary rollbacks to existing contracts, but they would cede money via escrow.The players are unwilling to accept a decrease. They have proposed limiting salary growth and partnering with the large-market teams in revenue sharing. The NHL has not accepted revenue sharing as a principle for the next CBA.With the sides deadlocked over the primary economic sticking point, they have not found common ground over secondary negotiating points, either. Those issues include arbitration rights, length of entry-level contracts, and service time required to reach free agency.Training camps were scheduled to open on Friday. The Bruins’ first preseason game was scheduled for Sept. 25 against Washington. The NHL should begin canceling preseason games shortly.....
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