Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scorched Earth

I was stung 3 times by some yellow jackets today on the same ankle. Needless to say I took a cup of gasoline and a match to their hole. Then did the same to a couple of other nests that I knew of. Nothing is better than a scorched earth policy with those little useless fuckers. God I hate those fucking creatures. I mean seriously, do they serve any useful purpose on this earth? I didn't do anything to them I was only cutting the grass, I guess this will teach them. So, No I'm not a Georgia Tech fan at the moment. 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Robbie:
We have missed your posts and so are delighted to know that all is well apart from the all out war with the yellow jackets something which, as far as we know, we do not have here. Are they like wasps?

Robbie R said...

They are a type of wasp, or are in that same Family. You are lucky that you don't have them my ankle is still in pain and this happened at 1pm yesterday.

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