Wednesday, April 04, 2012

MLB 2012 Season Predictions

This weekend is the season openers for the rest of Major League baseball, I say the rest because in case you missed it last week. Yea the Athletics and Mariners split 2 games in Tokyo, yawn. It could have been played better since everyone else was still playing pre-season games it just didn't have the allure of true season opener. Not to mention it was a lost story with everything that was going on with the final four and because of the time difference. 

As I have done the past few season here are my predictions for the 2012 season... 

One theme this year is youth there are a lot o good young player to watch this and it's really going to be fun. Also, we are starting to see the old Juggernaut starting the show their age. It's not something you worry about if you are the manager of a big market team the Yankees, Phillies or Red Sox can try and trade for a missing piece. But do they have any carrots to entice the rabbit? Two of the biggest free agent sluggers are now in the AL:  Albert Pujols is now an Angel and Prince Fielder is a Tiger, did they tip the balance of power away from the East?

We also have the addition of a second wild card team this year for a one game play off, I have mixed feeling about this. Does this give a small market team a fight edge or just ensure that the Rays and the Red Sox are fighting to the bitter end? Or maybe the Angels and Tigers use this to show which got the most power for their dollar. I guess we'll just have to wait to see how that plays out.

I think the Red Sox have the most to prove this year there is a big hole at SS and the pitching could be a train wreck waiting to happen.  They need show the fans, management and the competition they are serious about winning. I'm not sure if I like Bobby V or not, as a fan of the team he wasn't my first choice.  I'd also like to see  Larry Luchino to be more hands off, after watching how the manager search played out I see why Theo left the team.

The other team I'm a fan of the Braves have to pull their shit together as well, they didn't fair much better  than the Red Sox at the end of last season. If Red Sox's implosion wasn't worse more people would have been talking about the braves dismal end. This will be Chipper's last year so I guess the rally cry will be "Win one for Chipper", after this year I don't know what will be going on over on the left side of the diamond. I don't see an  heir a parent to fill Chippers place at third.

David Price
1.Yankees: they are getting older but they do know what it takes to get it done. 2. Rays If they had more formidable hitting they would solid #1  3. Red Sox I'm not worried about hitting. Its the pitching that has a lot of question marks and as a fan I don't feel good about them I guess I'm being realistic this year.  4. Jays they're a 500 + team this year, the Red Sox better be on the top of their game. 5. Orioles I have nothing good to say about them, just picture a punching bag.

1. Tigers It really doesn't take a Prince to win this division, I like them as a sleeper for the AL Champs 2. Indians are a young team that showed flashes of brillance last season, it will be more substantial this year 3. Royals are still a year or so out of contention but worth watching just not enough to get them over the hump this season. 4. White Sox I'm Not sure if they are rebuilding or collapsing.  5. Twins Age is catching up the to Twins, Mauer & Morneau  can they stay off of the DL and produce? 

Yu Darvish
1.  Rangers almost fielding the same team as the "2011" World Series contestants, Yu Darvish will be interesting to watch, I hope he's better than Dice K. 2. Angels Much better but even Prince Albert  and CJ the Rangers are still better.  3 and 4. Athletics & Mariners They are both equally going to be bad this year with hints of youthful brilliance. 

AL Wild Card Rays and Angels
AL Champs Yankees
AL Cy Young David Price
AL MVP Dustin Pedroia

1. Phillies: Halladay, Lee, and Hamels need I say any more (Utley and Howard hmmm do they contribute?).  2. Braves Win one for the Chipper! have a lot of pitching depth but many holes in the field. 3. Nationals Strasburg is back Youth on the rise I don't think we'll see much of Harper but it will be nice to see  4. Marlins I hate the Uniforms they are like 1980 Astros ugly. So they have a New Stadium and Manager also added Jose Reyes if stay he healthy? The NL EAST isn't any easier to win than the AL East.  5. Mets Duda! Duda! do you remember last year? and you're still a fan? That's what I call dedication.

Joey Votto
1. Cardinals without Tony, Prince Albert and maybe Carpenter they still are formidable  2. Brewers Pitching is key and will  dominate 3. Reds beefed up their rotation with the addition of Mat Latos but have since lost their closer. Defense could be a question in the infield. 4. Pirates Keep your eye on Andrew McCutchen. Spots of spectacular, pitching has improved and rest of the team is intact 5. Cubs Theo is playing Legos this season, he's pieced a team together but it's pretty hollow.  6. Astros Maybe things will be better in 2013 when they move to the AL.  

Buster Posey
1. Diamondbacks They almost pulled it off last year I think they have a better chance this year. I like they for the NL Champs 2. Giants Hey Posey is back: 3. Dodgers New owners, Kemp and Kershaw things are looking better.  4. Rockies Once you are past Tulo there isn't much there.  5.  Padres I'm not sure what is going on here, maybe they're planning on racing the Mets and Astros to the NL basement.

NL Wild Card Giants and Braves
NL Champ Diamondbacks
NL Cy Young Zack Greinke
NL MVP Joey Votto

World Series: Yankees v. Diamondbacks


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