Monday, March 19, 2012

Prey and Predator

This morning I looked out the window onto the backyard and I see a Red Tailed Hawk. It was different this time, I usually see them the air. This one was on the hunt and he had his eye on this Gray Squirrel, The two of them were spiraling around the trunk of a tree. The hawk was determined to get this rodent but as they got lower the squirrel was able to seek so shelter of the bushes closer to the base of the tree. The hawk flew off in defeat and with out his breakfast, at least for now. I tried to capture this event with my camera but I couldn't get to my camera in  time. I'm not sure who's start to the day was worse; the squirrel that got away in the nick of time or hawk that came so close to nabbing a tasty morsel. Talk about a Bad Day at the Office. I guess the hawk should have gotten up a little bit earlier.  Either way I thought it was cool to a National Geographic unfolding in my backyard.

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