Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy The Sofa

So here is my proposal for a new "Occupy" movement. Though I really doubt it will catch on but it's something I want everyone to thinking about. The new movement is to Occupy your Sofa! It's not so much about sticking it to the 1% but is more for support to the 99% that work in retail. It used to be that Thanksgiving was the one day before the holiday rush that they could enjoy time with friends and families. But in recent years Black Friday has encroached on Thanksgiving with stores now opening earlier and earlier. This has been mostly in response to rabid bargain hunters that have rushed into retail stores and I'm sure you all recall the Walmart employee in NY that was trampled to death by these fuckers. 

Now to eliminate these situations that could people in jeopardy, business are opening even earlier or just staying open. Now employees that wanted to stay home, play with their children or just relax after a nice meal have to spend the day sleeping before they have go work and face these rabid crowds. I've read that some place will open as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving day and other are opening at midnight, instead of 4 and 6AM which had been the traditional start to Black Friday.

Many companies have already leaked the bargains to allow people to plan which ones they will hunt down. There are even some stores that these bargains are already available, so the allure of Black Friday sale isn't even that important anymore. Which brings me back to giving the employees back that one day that they can enjoy with there families. We don't have enough of these in my opinion, I think there should be certain holidays were everything is closed and people can gather and enjoy some time with their friends and families. Isn't that was the holidays are about and not getting stuff?  

Oh, If you want to use this movement to stick it to the 1% and you are not going to stay on the sofa, make sure you don't use your credit card. That is my rant, if you are headed out to brave the crowds just think of that employee that is helping you and please be civilized.


Scott Free said...

Employees should just stop showing up. If nobody showed up, they couldn't open. Problem solved. They simply need their staff too much during this season to fire them all and start fresh.

Robbie R said...

In this economy many people just can't afford to take that chance. It really comes down to the business respecting their employees and give them one day off. I work in retail and our store will not open until 9am, another retailer Norstroms also is not giving in. As a consumer I'm not going out on Thanksgiving day to grab some bargain that I may have to fight a crowd for, I'll be relaxing on the couch.

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