Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Disappointment

Let me start by saying Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays and the St Louis Cardinals you both played some good ball this month.

Last night had to be one of the most deflating and exciting evenings as a baseball fan. I watched both of my teams complete their failure to advance. At the beginning of the month both the Red Sox (9 games) and Braves (8.5 games) commanded substantial lead for the final seed in the MLB quest for the World Series. But by this past weekend those leads had been squandered down to only 1 game lead, and then by Sunday they were both in a dead heat with nearest competitor.

A week ago I was more worried about the Red Sox not making. Then by Friday I was less worried about the Red Sox and more worried about the Braves chances. Both teams were fatigued and had taken serious injuries to the pitching staff. They both had some good pitchers left but on the nights when those pitchers took the mound the bats were cold and batters were left stranded on base. Or what was thought to be a sure win those pitchers faulted throwing misplaced pitches and letting in unrecoverable runs.

Now both teams must look deep and see what could have been the root causes. They need to see what their strengths are and build on those. Next they will look and identify the weakness. On paper the Red Sox were the team to beat at the Spring Training their bats should have been offensive and the pitching looked solid. Once the starter pulled the trigger and the season was off and running thing were looking dismal for the Sox but the shook off the slow start. By the end of June they were in command. Now 3 months later all we can do as fans is throw our hands up.

Having grown up as a Red Sox fan I have felt this deflation of emotions many times over the years and it still sucks.

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