Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walk On

It is the tenth anniversary of the attacks on 9-11 a solemn day where so many innocent lives were lost. The events of that day pulled us together as neighbors, as a country and as a planet when we were one global community. People were nice to strangers. People opened their hearts to help those they did not know. People looked past political, economic, religious and racial differences to work together.

But today we have been torn apart. We are now war-weary, we tired and we are estranged. Our leaders political, economic, and religious have failed us. We need leaders that want to lead us into success not to bolster their own egos as they sit and watched the other guy fail. We need to put the partisan bickering aside and shake hands. We do not honor those that perished by destroying that community and the planet. It is once again hatred that is causing our Nation pain and it is at our own hand this time. If we could only muster 1/10th of sense of community we felt the days after those attacks we could solve all of the problems we now face as nation.

May we never forget... Enough Said!

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