Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Disappointment

Let me start by saying Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays and the St Louis Cardinals you both played some good ball this month.

Last night had to be one of the most deflating and exciting evenings as a baseball fan. I watched both of my teams complete their failure to advance. At the beginning of the month both the Red Sox (9 games) and Braves (8.5 games) commanded substantial lead for the final seed in the MLB quest for the World Series. But by this past weekend those leads had been squandered down to only 1 game lead, and then by Sunday they were both in a dead heat with nearest competitor.

A week ago I was more worried about the Red Sox not making. Then by Friday I was less worried about the Red Sox and more worried about the Braves chances. Both teams were fatigued and had taken serious injuries to the pitching staff. They both had some good pitchers left but on the nights when those pitchers took the mound the bats were cold and batters were left stranded on base. Or what was thought to be a sure win those pitchers faulted throwing misplaced pitches and letting in unrecoverable runs.

Now both teams must look deep and see what could have been the root causes. They need to see what their strengths are and build on those. Next they will look and identify the weakness. On paper the Red Sox were the team to beat at the Spring Training their bats should have been offensive and the pitching looked solid. Once the starter pulled the trigger and the season was off and running thing were looking dismal for the Sox but the shook off the slow start. By the end of June they were in command. Now 3 months later all we can do as fans is throw our hands up.

Having grown up as a Red Sox fan I have felt this deflation of emotions many times over the years and it still sucks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy First Day of Fall

Well Autumn is here, time to break out the sweaters and coats. Soon the leaves will start turn to bright shades or red, orange and yellow. The days grow shorter and the evening colder. I guess it's a good time for some eye candy to get us all warm :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Season is coming to a Close

Before we know it will be October and the start of the MLB Playoffs and the World Series. In two of the division races are sealed up Phillies with the NL East and Detroit in the AL Central. The AL wildcard race is still that, The Red Sox are beat up and are barely hanging on with 2 game lead over Tampa Bay and 4 game lead over the Angels. In the NL the Braves are still holding on with 3.5 game lead over the Cardinals and 4 game lead over the Giants.

There are 9 days left until the end of the season so it's going to be interesting to see if the Red Sox can hang on. I just hope they can bash their way into the playoffs. I'm doubtful, their pitching staff is depleted having suffered some injuries to critical starters and the subs are not getting the job done. I feel much better about the Braves chances yes they have same issues but they have great pitching depth for starters.

I guess only time will tell and I just hope I don't get cramps in my fingers from crossing them.

It's Ok To Tell

0001 20Sep2011  Secure From DADT.

On 20 September the US government repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) – the policy, signed into US law by President Clinton in 1993, that said it was okay to be gay but not to be honest about it. As of the moment DADT was lifted, a raft of legal cases and charges were dismissed, and recruitment applications from openly gay civilians started to be processed. As a veteran of the US Navy and being Gay I wish they had done this sooner I may have changed my mind and stayed in.
This is what a Gay Sailor looks like, yes it's Me.

The repugnics say that we need to save money and cut deficit the repeal of this inept policy will do just that. In 2005 a GAO study that put the cost of the first decade of “don’t ask, don’t tell” at $190.1 million. More than 13,000 service members have been discharged for violating the military’s ban on openly gay and lesbian troops since 1993, according to GAO. The reports note 2,215 of those men and women held “critical” roles in the service branches, including voice interceptors, data processing technicians, translators and special security forces.

In my estimation this policy cost us the taxpayers $3.421 BILLION dollars over the 18 years of this policy not including adjustment for inflation. Why did it cost so much? To train each of those servicemembers it's around $150,000.00 per trooper/Sailor/marine/airman when you figure in all the cost's of training, drill instructors, schools and pay for all involved. Of course this will vary depending what job that service member is expected to fill.
This is what a Gay Sailor looks like, yes it's Me.
The cost of graduating one officer, likely specializing in science and engineering, from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point was $340,000. But let’s say that officer likes to fly. Put him in a $19 million F-16 fighter. Because a person is different we trained them and then discharged them and had to train a new replacement. This does not take into account how if effected the unit that was now short one person and the skills they possessed.

This also does not take into account the additional stress a servicemember was under because of their secret. If they were having troubles at home they had no resource that they could use through traditional channels. If something were to happen to him or her their partner would not be notified or given support. If there was something to celebrate at home they could not share it with the mates at the command. If the command was having a party, function or they were given a promotion couldn't incude their partner, they were alone in that respect of their lives and career. 

Now be on guard because two of the repugnic candidates and biblethumpers  Governor Rick Perry and Representative Michelle (Crazy Bitch) Bachmann have openly stated that they would turn back the clock and reverse the DADT repeal if they get elected as President. Something to think about and one more reason they should not elected.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walk On

It is the tenth anniversary of the attacks on 9-11 a solemn day where so many innocent lives were lost. The events of that day pulled us together as neighbors, as a country and as a planet when we were one global community. People were nice to strangers. People opened their hearts to help those they did not know. People looked past political, economic, religious and racial differences to work together.

But today we have been torn apart. We are now war-weary, we tired and we are estranged. Our leaders political, economic, and religious have failed us. We need leaders that want to lead us into success not to bolster their own egos as they sit and watched the other guy fail. We need to put the partisan bickering aside and shake hands. We do not honor those that perished by destroying that community and the planet. It is once again hatred that is causing our Nation pain and it is at our own hand this time. If we could only muster 1/10th of sense of community we felt the days after those attacks we could solve all of the problems we now face as nation.

May we never forget... Enough Said!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday!! Long weekend in sight, allllmmmmooossstttt there!
I hope that everyone has a Fun and Safe weekend. Enjoy the eye candy and see you on Monday or maybe Tuesday :-)

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