Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Mother Nature is not wasting anytime letting us know that summer is here, even though we have another 20 day until it is official. It's going to be a couple of degrees shy of 100 (F) here in Atlanta today. Though in the city surrounded by concrete and asphalt it will probably exceed that, ugh. I'm not ready for the Broiler just yet, can't we just put things on simmer at least for a couple more weeks? Let us just hope that this is just an outlier and not the start of a trend for the summer.  Well enjoy these beauties as they cool off, I wish i could join them but I'm off to work in an hour or so.

On a side note today is the first day of the Hurricane Season. :-(

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That corgi :) said...

hurricane season already? I know it runs June 1st to December, but I'm just amazed how fast the time is going this year

it does seem a bit hot for so early in the year; hope it is not a precursor for the heat of the summer

we moved a bit more towards the coast this year compared to where we were last summer so our summers here should be a bit more mild; I haven't made the transition from sweatshirts to tee-shirts yet so maybe that is a good sign on how pleasantly warm it is here :)


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