Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today was an awful quiet place. Ryan went to work, I think it was good for him to keep busy. He asked that I get Munchkins things in order and cleaned up around the garage. While doing these chores I had a lot of time to think.

Pets hold a special place in our lives they are part of the family unit. They don't know what hate is they just know love. This love is unconditional and don't remember why you got mad at them, they still love you. When you are feeling down or something is wrong they do something to lift your spirits. They put a smile on your face and you just think silly dog. When you are trying to do something around the house they nuzzle there head in your way, and you take a break and scratch their belly or rub them behind the ears. They just want your love.

Cat are similar you'd be reading the newspaper or working on the computer and they would jump in your lap. I can remember when I was a kid my cat would have to be in the room with me. She would scratch at the door until you let her in and then Tiger would curl up near my head. They would do something silly like chasing their tail, but they only seem to do this when you are watching, just to make you laugh. You just think what a nutcase, but I think they planned it.

No wonder they say pets are good for the psyche and that these people live longer. They fill an absence of space in our lives that you don't realize until they are gone that they are missed. They make us care more about life and we take them for granted. It is this unconditional love that we miss when they are gone. So to all of the Tigers, Whispers, Beau's and Munchkins you are not for gotten you live on in our memories. Thank you for being there for us and being goofy.  We Love You!


Jason Shaw said...

Beautiful post and I;m sorry for your loss.

I always feel that pets are more than just pets, they really are members of the family - be that big or small. They deserve special places in our hearts and in our memories as such. I'm sure you'll always remember the good times with him. Big hugs,

That corgi :) said...

You are so right, pets do hold special places in our lives. They do love unconditionally indeed! Our corgi literally was the one thing we all had in common during son's tough teenage years and provided us with lots of laughs when there was nothing else to laugh about. I totally understand your thoughts and again I am so sorry.


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