Monday, May 16, 2011

Made through the week

First off I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and other comments, you all have been great. Especially fellow bloggers: Justin Dunes, Salmagundi, Sethboyardee, That corgi :), and Jason Shaw thank you.

On Friday I went out for a beer with a couple of friends from work and I was able to talk about Munch without breaking down and balling like a baby. It's been really hard week and had pretty much withdrew from people and kept to myself. I just found things to do, customers to work with and kept my mind on those.

It's been and hard time but we made it through the week, tho it's hasn't been easy for either of us. The house has definitely been quiet and it been hard to adjust our routine's that had once revolved around Munch. I think one of the hardest times has been when we come home from work or going out. Munch was always there to welcome us home either by announcing our arrival by barking or bolting out of the garage to the car. Another time that we had found very quiet was doing anything in the yard.

If I was working in the garden Munch would always come wandering around the corner of the house to see what you were doing. I never understood how he knew I was there, some days I would be very quiet no music playing but he knew you were there. At the time it would seem bothersome because you had a task that you wanted to get completed, but he would demand attention and he would not take No for an answer. You would have to go to the fence and rub his head and give him some lovings.

We have discussed getting an other puppy but we are going to wait for now. We'd hate to let our emotions get the best of us and get the wrong dog. The next dog will be an indoor dog and has to be good with cats. Since Zig still rule the interior world to the same degree that Munch ruled the exterior. I did have a dream the other night that Ryan came home with a bagle hound, it's a beagle and basset mix, and they are adorable :-)

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That corgi :) said...

never heard of a bagle hound, but they do sound cute with that mix. I would imagine it would be hard to get used to Munch not around especially with familiar routines where he was such a part of your day. I would also imagine each day/week will get a bit easier, though he will always be in your memories and heart. Wise not to get another dog too soon, although "they" say that is a good thing to do after the loss of a pet, but makes no sense to me. I think we should be allowed to grieve and take the time to grieve before jumping into a momentous decision like another pet to be responsible for until we are ready to do so.

take care of yourselves


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