Tuesday, May 31, 2011

50 States of mind

I have to thank my friend Tim for posting it to Facebook. I found it pretty funny and maybe you will too. But I have feeling that when he gets to your state you might be saying ....YEAH! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial day

First I just want to send out my condolence to the family of a shipmate Scott Allen Moore passed away on Thursday May 19. Scott was a great guy I served on the USS Cavalla with him.

Now here it is Memorial day weekend, the unofficial first day of summer. But, anyone who has lost a family member to a military conflict understands, Memorial Day is much more than a time to break out the barbecue or open the pool. Please enjoy the festivities, the races and baseball games but take a moment to remember the fallen.

To all of those still on patrol, in the field or at sea that will never come home I say...
"All gave some...Some gave all...To all those who have served, are serving and who will serve..Thank you for your courage, commitment and sacrifice."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This has only Been a Test.

"This is a test. This station has been conducting a test of the Emergency Rapture System. This is only a test."
"The Wingnuts of your area in voluntary cooperation with the Bible-Thumpers and other Conspiracy theorist have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of a Rapture."
"If this had been an actual Rapture, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for Humor and official Sarcasm." "This is only a test."

See you all in October :-) In case you missed the announcement, I guess the actual rapture will take place on the 21st October. I guess Mr. Camp forgot to carry an Apostle. Some how I think we all will still be here on the 22nd.

Radio host says world's end actually coming in Oct


The Associated Press
2:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OAKLAND, Calif. — As crestfallen followers of a California preacher who foresaw the world's end strained to find meaning in their lives, Harold Camping revised his apocalyptic prophecy Monday, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.

Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before global cataclysm struck the planet, said he felt so terrible when his doomsday message did not come true that he left home and took refuge in a motel with his wife. His independent ministry, Family Radio International, spent millions — some of it from donations made by followers — on more than 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs plastered with the Judgment Day message.

Follower Jeff Hopkins also spent a good deal of his own retirement savings on gas money to power his car so people would see its ominous lighted sign showcasing Camping's May 21 warning. As the appointed day drew nearer, Hopkins started making the 100-mile round trip from Long Island to New York City twice a day, spending at least $15 on gas each trip.

"I've been mocked and scoffed and cursed at and I've been through a lot with this lighted sign on top of my car," said Hopkins, 52, a former television producer who lives in Great River, NY. "I was doing what I've been instructed to do through the Bible, but now I've been stymied. It's like getting slapped in the face."

Camping, who made a special appearance before the press at the Oakland headquarters of the media empire Monday evening, apologized for not having the dates "worked out as accurately as I could have."

Through chatting with a friend over what he acknowledged was a very difficult weekend, it dawned on him that instead of the biblical Rapture in which the faithful would be swept up to the heavens, May 21 had instead been a "spiritual" Judgment Day, which places the entire world under Christ's judgment, he said.

The globe will be completely destroyed in five months, he said, when the apocalypse comes. But because God's judgment and salvation were completed on Saturday, there's no point in continuing to warn people about it, so his network will now just play Christian music and programs until the final end on Oct. 21.

"We've always said May 21 was the day, but we didn't understand altogether the spiritual meaning," he said. "The fact is there is only one kind of people who will ascend into heaven ... if God has saved them they're going to be caught up."

It's not the first time the 89-year-old retired civil engineer has been dismissed by the Christian mainstream and has been forced to explain when his prediction didn't come to pass. Camping also prophesied the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that didn't happen then because of a mathematical error.

Monday, rather than give his normal daily broadcast, Camping took questions as a part of his show, "Open Forum," which transmits his biblical interpretations via the group's radio stations, TV channels, satellite broadcasts and website.

Camping's hands shook slightly as he pinned his microphone to his lapel, and as he clutched a worn Bible he spoke in a quivery monotone about some listeners' earthly concerns after giving away possessions in expectation of the Rapture.

Family Radio would never tell anyone what they should do with their belongings, and those who had fewer would cope, Camping said.

"We're not in the business of financial advice," he said. "We're in the business of telling people there's someone who you can maybe talk to, maybe pray to, and that's God."

But he also said that he wouldn't give away all his possessions ahead of Oct 21.

"I still have to live in a house, I still have to drive a car," he said. "What would be the value of that? If it is Judgment Day why would I give it away?"

Apocalyptic thinking has always been part of American religious life and popular culture. Teachings about the end of the world vary dramatically — even within faith traditions — about how they will occur.

Still, the overwhelming majority of Christians reject the idea that the exact date or time of Jesus' return can be predicted.

Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best-selling "Left Behind" novels about the end times, recently called Camping's prediction "not only bizarre but 100 percent wrong!" He cited the Bible verse Matthew 24:36, "but about that day or hour no one knows" except God.

"While it may be in the near future, many signs of our times certainly indicate so, but anyone who thinks they 'know' the day and the hour is flat out wrong," LaHaye wrote on his website, leftbehind.com.

Signs of disappointment also were evident online, where groups that had confidently predicted the Rapture — and, in some cases, had spent money to help spread the word through advertisements — took tentative steps to re-establish Internet presences in the face of widespread mockery.

The Pennsylvania-based group eBible Fellowship still has a website with images of May 21 billboards all over the world, but its Twitter feed has changed over from the increasingly confident predictions before the date to circumspect Bible verses that seem to speak to the confusion and hurt many members likely feel.

Camping offered no clues about Family Radio's finances Monday, saying he could not estimate how much had been spent on getting out his prediction nor how much money the nonprofit had taken in as a result. In 2009, the nonprofit reported in IRS filings that it received $18.3 million in donations, and had assets of more than $104 million, including $34 million in stocks or other publicly traded securities.

Josh Ocasion, who works the teleprompter during Camping's live broadcasts in the group's threadbare studio sandwiched between an auto shop and a palm reader's business, said he enjoyed the production work but he had never fully believed the May 21 prophecy would come true.

"I thought he would show some more human decency in admitting he made a mistake," he said. "We didn't really see that."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Deal - Born This Way

I know a lot of people have been waiting for the new Lady GaGa CD which hit the rack today. So when I got this tweet from
Get the entire brand-new @ladygaga album for just $0.99 TODAY ONLY & listen now with #cloudplayer.
I just wanted to share, its for today only (23May2011), If you wanted to get the cd here you go. You can download the digital content on the cheap with out hitting bit torrent. The link is at the bottom if you need it.

New Lady Gaga Album Born This Way for $0.99

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's The End Of The World....

And I Feel Fine!

Ah Crap, I'm still here. Oh well lets all go enjoy Life and maybe get a drink before Hell breaks loose. With any luck all of the Hate filled, Prudish, BibleThumping, Wingnuts are gone so we can now really have a good time ;-)

What do you mean they are still here? I guess they are NOT so special...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fight Homophobia

A friend of mine posted this on his blog and I thought it had to be shared. It's something that this country and the world needs to address. Homophobia is that last bastion of Civil Rights that we need to knock down. This is the 21st century in this day and I wish we weren't still addressing these issues. I hope that you enjoy his sarcasm and get the point that he is trying to make.

“Gay Bill Of Rights” - English version

  • I have the right to respect myself from birth onwards and not to suffer for years until I gain the courage to do so; if I gain that courage, if the world around me allows me that courage.
  • I have the right to be straightforward about my serological status, if I want - without any awkwardness for me or for you.
  • I have the right to look fabulous or to look butch.
  • I have the right to be bitter and angry. As well as happy.
  • I have the right to say “NO” and the right to say “YES!” even if that “YES!” happens to clash with your particular version of morality.
  • I have the right to overachieve as a result of being made to feel inadequate by an unloving society altogether for the same reason.
  • I have the right to call me a faggot or a dyke, but you don’t.
  • I have the right to ask for emotional support, or to keep it inside until I explode.
  • I have the right to mince and the right not to mince.
  • I have the right to talk about my sex life just as much as you talk about your straight sex life.
  • I have the right to walk home without being beaten.
  • I have the right to my home and my job, even after my employer or landlord finds out that I sleep with men and/or women.
  • I have the right to make a living either as an interior decorator or as a garage mechanic.
  • I have the right to see my children from a previous heterosexual relationship or have children in a homosexual relationship.
  • I have the right to create a home with another man/woman and to all the protections and privileges that straight people get when they do the same thing.
  • I have the right to flaunt it whether this amounts to getting married to another man/woman on television or just holding hands at lunch.
  • I have the right to tell you when you are being homophobic.
  • I have the right to know my own history and my queer elders, who they were and what they did for themselves and for me.
I have the right to many, many more things that the straight world takes for granted but most of all I have the right to be me.

stjarnan fc celebration

Have you guys seen these studs? These guys are fucking HOT! Iceland's Stjarnan FC now has a new fan.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Steam wafts off the impossibly azure waters of the famous Blue Lagoon, where Icelanders have come to bathe for more than 1,200 years.

Five players from Stjarnan FC, a team in Iceland's premier soccer league, cavort nearby for a photo shoot, dressed in their white uniforms and some slick new gear from one of their sponsors. The background, freakishly undulating moss-covered magma, looks like something from a lunar landscape.

"We are all very good friends," says Bjorki Eysteinsson, a mischievous look creeping across his handsome face. "Except the captain -- we don't like him."

Captain Daniel Laxdal shakes his head as his teammates convulse in laughter. It's pretty obvious they've known each other since they were 5 or 6 and enjoy each other's company.

"I think that most of us wanted to be professional soccer players," says Halldor Orri Bjornsson, the team's leading goal scorer, "but we didn't know that we would get so much attention and be so famous around the world for our celebrations."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Made through the week

First off I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and other comments, you all have been great. Especially fellow bloggers: Justin Dunes, Salmagundi, Sethboyardee, That corgi :), and Jason Shaw thank you.

On Friday I went out for a beer with a couple of friends from work and I was able to talk about Munch without breaking down and balling like a baby. It's been really hard week and had pretty much withdrew from people and kept to myself. I just found things to do, customers to work with and kept my mind on those.

It's been and hard time but we made it through the week, tho it's hasn't been easy for either of us. The house has definitely been quiet and it been hard to adjust our routine's that had once revolved around Munch. I think one of the hardest times has been when we come home from work or going out. Munch was always there to welcome us home either by announcing our arrival by barking or bolting out of the garage to the car. Another time that we had found very quiet was doing anything in the yard.

If I was working in the garden Munch would always come wandering around the corner of the house to see what you were doing. I never understood how he knew I was there, some days I would be very quiet no music playing but he knew you were there. At the time it would seem bothersome because you had a task that you wanted to get completed, but he would demand attention and he would not take No for an answer. You would have to go to the fence and rub his head and give him some lovings.

We have discussed getting an other puppy but we are going to wait for now. We'd hate to let our emotions get the best of us and get the wrong dog. The next dog will be an indoor dog and has to be good with cats. Since Zig still rule the interior world to the same degree that Munch ruled the exterior. I did have a dream the other night that Ryan came home with a bagle hound, it's a beagle and basset mix, and they are adorable :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today was an awful quiet place. Ryan went to work, I think it was good for him to keep busy. He asked that I get Munchkins things in order and cleaned up around the garage. While doing these chores I had a lot of time to think.

Pets hold a special place in our lives they are part of the family unit. They don't know what hate is they just know love. This love is unconditional and don't remember why you got mad at them, they still love you. When you are feeling down or something is wrong they do something to lift your spirits. They put a smile on your face and you just think silly dog. When you are trying to do something around the house they nuzzle there head in your way, and you take a break and scratch their belly or rub them behind the ears. They just want your love.

Cat are similar you'd be reading the newspaper or working on the computer and they would jump in your lap. I can remember when I was a kid my cat would have to be in the room with me. She would scratch at the door until you let her in and then Tiger would curl up near my head. They would do something silly like chasing their tail, but they only seem to do this when you are watching, just to make you laugh. You just think what a nutcase, but I think they planned it.

No wonder they say pets are good for the psyche and that these people live longer. They fill an absence of space in our lives that you don't realize until they are gone that they are missed. They make us care more about life and we take them for granted. It is this unconditional love that we miss when they are gone. So to all of the Tigers, Whispers, Beau's and Munchkins you are not for gotten you live on in our memories. Thank you for being there for us and being goofy.  We Love You!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He Was a Good Dog

I only knew you for half of your life but regardless I loved him a lot. At some point today Munchkin past away in his sleep. He was an old dog around 13yo so that would put him over a 100 in people years. Ryan found him when he got home and I can't imagine the pain that he is feeling.

He was a good dog, like any kid he had those moments that he would try your patients. But he was an awesome friend. He welcomed you when you got home with a bark that could be heard across the neighborhood. If you were out doing something in the yard he wanted to be by your side, always the center of attention. When I was out cutting the grass he would always come waddling across the yard, I assume to make sure my effort lived up to his expectations. Next to sharing his love for us his favorite things were eating, sleeping and sniffing.

 I've been pretty emotional all evening and have been choking back the tears. We both knew this day was coming but never want to thinking about it. They are a part of any family and are man's best friend.

Rest in peace Munch I'm going to miss you buddy and I hope there are lot of chewies waiting for you.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I just wanted to take the time to thank my Mom and all of the other mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day! We couldn't do it with out you love and support. I love you Mom!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Only 2 Weeks Left

That's right folks you heard me, you have only 2 weeks Left. So make your Reservations Today!

You are probably asking yourself what is he talking about? Well I'm talking about the Rapture. Silly, it will be here ready or not on the 21st of May 2011. That's right God is calling all holy rollers, your time has come to go to a better place. So what do you need for the journey?

1. $10 in quarters, exact change only God will not be making change or excepting personal checks, credit or debit cards.
2. Dress code; on your best jumpsuit, Blue and white are prefered.
3. Nike none marking high tops.
4. No weapons. concealed or otherwise are permitted.

Please make sure you form an orderly single file line, no pushing or cutting. Please be patient, once your number has been called remember no running.

Sorry I couldn't resist after read the article on NPR. But if you don't believe me read about the bible-thumpers for yourself

Is The End Nigh? We'll Know Soon Enough

 I really hope this is true because the world will be a much better place once they are all gone. But do have to wonder where will their faith lie when they realize that the cool aid that they have been drinking was spiked with delusional dreams of fables. But if I am wrong I hope they send a post card back so we know what we are missing out on. Oh I wonder if they get a 1000 virgins when they are called to god?
I guess we'll have to wait to see who checks in on foursquare. 
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