Sunday, April 03, 2011

Coexistence is Futile

Do you remember the waste of flesh christian minister down in Florida that wanted to burn the Koran last year? Yup that one, well he went and did it back on Mar. 20th. He had some mock trial with the Koran as a defendant and the sentence was passed down by a jury "of His peers". Once the mock trial had been completed he went out back of the shed (I mean church) and set the holy book on fire. Yeah!!!

I mean, I guess I'm missing something I thought that the christian religion was about Love and Understanding? When did things change? When I was a kid my family went to a Congregational church in New England and I don't remember any sermons preaching about how people are going to HELL for one thing or another. I recall sermons about love, respect and neighbors helping neighbors. Was Reverend Martinson wrongs? Did he lie to us?

So I ask you what gives this Numbskull the right to judge another religion? Lets face it some of the stuff in the so called holy bible, isn't so holy by current standards. It's not like any of these religions have adapted their stories, fables and lessons for modern times. So why are they even relevant in modern society? Every time one of these biblethumping crack pots ( I don't care if it's Osama or Rev. Phelps they are all the same in my book. ) pulls a stunt of hate they just drive me further away from wanting have anything to do with them.

Since they are less tolerant of me why should I even be tolerant of them. Maybe they all should be banned from this planet for good of humanity. Let's face 2000 years of people squabbling over which one is the true is enough for me. I guess we can leave eastern ones be I never have heard any stories of them killing anyone.

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