Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You're FIRED!

Take this and shove it in your toupee, now can Donald Trump and the all of the other Birthers please just shut the fuck up! I still don't understand how Trump can be taken seriously as a candidate for anything. Though I'm sure the rest of the fringe of tea-party, nutjobs and conspiracy crackpots will go on about this is just a larger government plot to discredit Trump's Presidential aspirations. Useless Wastes of Flesh!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Banned Eggs

This had me rolling you really have to watch this video, oh and it rated PG-13

Next thing you know John Boehner and his pals will be banning Canbury Eggs from getting Married.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Prepped for Planting

Over the weekend I built a raised garden bed for some veggies it took me about 4hrs. I used recycled 4x8's from a bed in the back yard for this one it's 6'x8'x12". So today I need to get filled for planting. First I hit the local Lowe's and picked up a roll of weed fabric, 10 bags of topsoil and one bag of manure. Then I stopped off at one of Dekalb county's sanitation facilities for some compost (3/4 of truck bed). Once home I lined the insides of the bed with the fabric to prevent leakage and the unloaded and mixed the potting mix. I was actually surprised that I had the perfect amount for the bed and it's nice and full. Thought I still need to get more fabric to put on top I missed on that one by about 2 lengths of the bed.

After cleaning the bed of the truck out, I planted some Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Carrots and Beets in the old garden which is only a few feet away. I'll probably add Okra to that same area in the next few weeks, it did pretty well there last year. Next I tended to my herb garden on the other-side of the yard where I cut back the Garlic  and weeded around the Rosemary. Then I prepared and planted Oregano, Basil and Parsley seeds. All that is left for over there is some Thyme plants.

In the new bed I'm planning to plant some Squash (summer and zucchini), Cucumbers,Tomatoes, Beans, Green peppers and Chili's, at least that's the plan it could change. I'll probably take some photos then to show you all of the hard work. The true satisfaction is the harvest all summer long especially tomatoes, nothing beats a fresh one from your own garden.

Oh and if you think that this is a distraction from the poor start of the Red Sox's you are wrong? I'm not worried I know things will turn around, I just hope it happens this week and not next month. I still stand by my predictions.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Coexistence is Futile

Do you remember the waste of flesh christian minister down in Florida that wanted to burn the Koran last year? Yup that one, well he went and did it back on Mar. 20th. He had some mock trial with the Koran as a defendant and the sentence was passed down by a jury "of His peers". Once the mock trial had been completed he went out back of the shed (I mean church) and set the holy book on fire. Yeah!!!

I mean, I guess I'm missing something I thought that the christian religion was about Love and Understanding? When did things change? When I was a kid my family went to a Congregational church in New England and I don't remember any sermons preaching about how people are going to HELL for one thing or another. I recall sermons about love, respect and neighbors helping neighbors. Was Reverend Martinson wrongs? Did he lie to us?

So I ask you what gives this Numbskull the right to judge another religion? Lets face it some of the stuff in the so called holy bible, isn't so holy by current standards. It's not like any of these religions have adapted their stories, fables and lessons for modern times. So why are they even relevant in modern society? Every time one of these biblethumping crack pots ( I don't care if it's Osama or Rev. Phelps they are all the same in my book. ) pulls a stunt of hate they just drive me further away from wanting have anything to do with them.

Since they are less tolerant of me why should I even be tolerant of them. Maybe they all should be banned from this planet for good of humanity. Let's face 2000 years of people squabbling over which one is the true is enough for me. I guess we can leave eastern ones be I never have heard any stories of them killing anyone.
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