Saturday, January 29, 2011

Musically Speaking

I figured that I'd give you an update on my musical tastes and a couple of recommendations. They are not the prettiest of groups but the music is amazing.

The first one that I have for you is the new one by The Decemberists - The King Is Dead . I originally was introduced to them was through NPR's All Songs Considered when they were doing a piece on a festival. After hearing the piece I did some more investigating and was instantly a fan. The band is out of Portland, OR it has a good beat and just makes you want to tap your fingers on steering wheel. They have a folksy rhythm and has some roots in British folk music. 
I'm not sure who I would compare them too, they associated themselves with REM, but I'm thinking more Blues Traveler, but even that is a bad comparison. It's feel good music, at least it puts a smile on my face and gets my toe tapping. My favorite tracks are (1) Don't Carry it All, (5) January Hymn and (6) Down by the Water. If you want to check it out before you buy it on OPB/NPR has a live broadcast of a concert the group did in their studio. You can listen to them perform the entire album and it doesn't cost you a dime, here's the link...
If you really like them they are on the road, so them maybe coming to a town near you. 

The next band I want to tell you about is Sister Hazel - 11411 [Amazon MP3 Exclusive]
which isn't so much a new release but it's a sampler.  But it had been released through and it's FREE! I think discovered Sister Hazel I when they opened up for a Dave Matthews Band show. This band originated from down in Gainsville, FL. I call them an alternative rock with deep southern rock roots, I closely associate them with Better Than Ezra. Off of this album my favorite selections are (9) Firefly, (3) My Heart and (5) Sail Away. There are some good guitar riffs and it's will also get your foot moving.
If you were looking for a reason to check them out but didn't want to take any chances, well then here you go.  Here's the link if you need it...

If you don't like either of these you should check out they have a butt load of FREE music there for your downloading pleasure in every genre you can think of.
Other stuff that has been running through my head with little or no resistance...
Last 10 Tracks on the iPod...
  1. Dave Matthews Band - Bartender
  2. Offspring - She's Got Issues
  3. Everything But the Girl - Walking Wounded
  4. Nine Inch Nails - The Frail
  5. Peter Moss - U Can Work Me
  6. NOFX - Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  7.  Frightened Rabbit - Be Less Rude
  8. Alex Martin & Toni Rox present Zoulcraft - Oclusion
  9. Spoon - Written in Reverse
  10. Travis Tritt - Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof

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