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The MLB All-Available Team

I found this on and have been meaning to post it here is a team that could be field with all of the available free-agents in the MLB. I'm sure there are a few more of that were left out because they really Suck. But over all this is a pretty good team. If I lived in say... Pittsburgh or KC I  pay to see this team play in my city. I probably would add maybe one young arm for Andy Pettite.But, overall this would be a respectable team to put on the field. But hey if I was GM and I was in need of some talent there is some out there, just have to be willing to open the purse strings.

The All-Available team

Posted by Peter Abraham, Globe StaffDecember 28, 2010 12:13 PM 

The All-Available team - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog

There hasn't been a whole lot of baseball in the news lately and that's good. As much as we love it, getting a few days away to refresh our perspectives can be healthy.
 To that end, here's a full team made up of free agents still on the market:

1B: Derrek Lee
2B: Nick Punto
SS: Orlando Cabrera
3B: Adrian Beltre
C: Bengie Molina
DH: Vlad Guerrero
LF: Johnny Damon
CF: Andruw Jones
RF: Ryan Church
SP: Andy Pettitte
SP: Carl Pavano
SP: Kevin Millwood
SP: Brian Bannister
SP: John Maine
Closer: Rafael Soriano
RP: Grant Balfour
RP: Brian Fuentes
RP: Jon Rauch
RP: Kevin Gregg
RP: Joe Beimel
RP: Kyle Farnsworth
Bench: Gregg Zaun (C)
Bench: Edgar Renteria (INF)
Bench: Jim Thome (PH)
Bench: Jim Edmonds (OF)

As you can see, the lineup is not especially good and the rotation is thin. The bullpen is pretty solid, though.

And, no, I don't want Manny Ramirez on my team.

Some team (the Rays?) could pick up some bargains on the relief market. Adrian Beltre must be somewhat mystified at what has happened after his great season with the Red Sox. The Angels and Rangers appear interested and maybe the A's will come back to the table. Can Scott Boras still produce a big-money, long-term deal?

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