Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is a Wrap. Happy New Year!!!

Once again it's time to say good by to the old year and welcome in the new. Personally I never make resolutions or set up a grand plan of changes I want to make in my life.
 Though this year I do hope to improve my strength and flexibility. Maybe I'll take up running or start biking again. Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery, not holding my breath on that one ;-)  This one looks to be a pretty exciting one, hell I hope it's not as bad as the past. A few things to look forward to in the coming year ...

  • Where I work we will be moving to a New location.
  • London Summer Olympics
  • Summer Cruise to Canada with the Family
  • The Start of MLB season (something I always look forward too)
  • US Presidential Election
  • The End of the World 211212 (I'll believe it when I see it)
If this is the last year of our civilization I hope we go out in grand style. Personally I believe that the Mayan's just couldn't rationalize civilization existing past a certain date, hell maybe they just said
 "Fuck it our kids can finish this I'll be dead by then anyway."   I mean think about it if you were to make a calendar today how far would you make for? I personally can't imagine making a a calendar today out to the year 4012. Seriously we all saw how well the Rapture worked out this year, I don't think this will be any different. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime...  
I hope that you and your family have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!!! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxer Day

I know it's "Happy Boxing Day" but lets face it this is a lot more fun ;-) It's a at least a good start to the week right?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Thanks to my friend Kirk I had to share this with you. If you are a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, you will truly appreciate this.

Only 7 more shopping days until Christmas.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Little Drummer Boy

Okay before you scream "Oh No Rob you've been born again!" Well I haven't, so don't fret.  This has always been one of my favorite Christmas ditties since I was a wee little lad. 

I can't remember where first I came across this version but I have to give it up to the artist Sean Quigley. He does a damn good job on those drums and he's pretty cute ;-)  He had to have been freezing his butt off making the video in Winnipeg. 

If you want to throw some support to a young independent artist you can find the MP3 here

Thursday, December 01, 2011

World AIDS Day

Today is  World AIDS Day I wanted to share this article from Project Q Atlanta with you.

World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 always brings a fresh round of not-so-encouraging news about HIV and gay men. There’s some hope, too, thanks to optimistic federal heath officials in Atlanta, but let’s just get the bad stuff out of the way. Here goes.
In a sort of good doctor, bad doctor routine, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control & Prevention delivered their disturbing stats on Tuesday.
 Nearly 3 out of 4 HIV-positive people do not have their infection under control. Why is that? Some 1 in 5 people with HIV don’t know they are infected; in Atlanta, the numbers run much higher for gay poz men – 55 percent don’t know they are HIV-positive.
 Of the nearly 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S., a slim 28 percent have a suppressed viral load. That means the virus is under control and at a level that keeps people healthy and drops the risk of infecting others.
 Men who have sex with men remain the population most severely affected by HIV in the U.S. They are also the least likely to know they are infected and less likely to seek out prevention counseling. Some 39 percent of gay men receive prevention counseling, compared to 50 percent of men who have sex with women.
 Black gay and bisexual men do not engage in riskier behaviors than other gay men, but face a higher risk for HIV thanks to the high prevalence of HIV that already exists in many black and gay communities.

“Black gay and bisexual men across the country are already doing many of the right things to protect themselves – but more need to make HIV testing a regular part of their lives,” Ken Fenton (director of the CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD & TB Prevention) says Tuesday in a prepared statement.
Now, the good doctor stuff from the CDC. The federal health agency announced on Tuesday a new campaign targeting black gay and bisexual men to raise awareness of HIV in six cities, including Atlanta. Testing Makes Us Stronger encourages men to “stay strong and informed” through ads (image), a website,Facebook page and promotions at black gay pride events.
“Testing Makes Us Stronger was designed by black gay men for black gay men and strives to communicate the power of knowing your HIV status as a first step toward staying healthy,” Fenton says.
There’s also some hope in Georgia, despite the state being a leader in AIDS cases and Atlanta ranking No. 8 among U.S. cities for HIV cases. The state’s waiting list for its AIDS Drug Assistance Program has dropped to 1,525. It’s still the second-largest waiting list in the country for the program that provides HIV drugs to low-income people. But it’s down from 1,778 in September. Maybe theinfusion of some $3 million in emergency funds to prop up the program – part of a recent $75 million cash drop into the state for HIV efforts – is having an impact.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm Thankful for the good friends that I have. You know who you are :-)
I'm Thankful for the family I love and love me.
I'm Thankful that I have a job, and one that I love.
I'm Thankful for I have a boyfriend that loves me.
I'm Thankful to have a roof over our heads.
I'm Thankful I live in a country were I am free to say, write or express myself in this way.
I'm Thankful for a good beer and meal.
I'm Thankful for who I am.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy The Sofa

So here is my proposal for a new "Occupy" movement. Though I really doubt it will catch on but it's something I want everyone to thinking about. The new movement is to Occupy your Sofa! It's not so much about sticking it to the 1% but is more for support to the 99% that work in retail. It used to be that Thanksgiving was the one day before the holiday rush that they could enjoy time with friends and families. But in recent years Black Friday has encroached on Thanksgiving with stores now opening earlier and earlier. This has been mostly in response to rabid bargain hunters that have rushed into retail stores and I'm sure you all recall the Walmart employee in NY that was trampled to death by these fuckers. 

Now to eliminate these situations that could people in jeopardy, business are opening even earlier or just staying open. Now employees that wanted to stay home, play with their children or just relax after a nice meal have to spend the day sleeping before they have go work and face these rabid crowds. I've read that some place will open as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving day and other are opening at midnight, instead of 4 and 6AM which had been the traditional start to Black Friday.

Many companies have already leaked the bargains to allow people to plan which ones they will hunt down. There are even some stores that these bargains are already available, so the allure of Black Friday sale isn't even that important anymore. Which brings me back to giving the employees back that one day that they can enjoy with there families. We don't have enough of these in my opinion, I think there should be certain holidays were everything is closed and people can gather and enjoy some time with their friends and families. Isn't that was the holidays are about and not getting stuff?  

Oh, If you want to use this movement to stick it to the 1% and you are not going to stay on the sofa, make sure you don't use your credit card. That is my rant, if you are headed out to brave the crowds just think of that employee that is helping you and please be civilized.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You, Happy Veterans Day!

Today we honor the men and women who have answered the call to serve our nation. 

Did you know that one-third of adult homeless men and nearly one-quarter of all homeless adults have served in the armed forces. While there is no true measure of the number of homeless veterans, it has been estimated that more than 200,000 veterans may be homeless on any given night and that twice as many veterans experience homelessness during a year (US Department of Veterans Affairs). 

There are more than 1 Million GLBT veterans in the US and I'm one. 

So have you honored the Veterans in your community? We made the sacrifice so you didn't have too. I'm not judging anyone but just hoping to make some of you think just a little bit. Next time you see that homeless person don't cross the street to avoid him/her, just think for a second. When you walk or drive by the local veterans cemetery or war memorial how about stopping for a second and have a look around. 

Veterans Day is not just a day to run to the mall for a Sale. A lot of people gave a lot more than so many of us ever will. Just remember "Freedom isn't Free." 

I just want to wish all of my fellow veterans a Happy Veterans day, It was an honor to serve alongside you. To those of you that are still serving you have my gratitude for your continued sacrifices that you and your family are making. Make sure that you thank a veteran today.

National Alliance to End Homelessness:

New Directions:

Project Home:

Veterans Affairs Department:

American Veterans for Equal Rights

U.S. Vets:

I just want to send out a "Thank You"' to all of my fellow veteran for all you have done. Please take a moment today (and every day) to thank a veteran and remember those who are. Who will you be thinking of today?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

I could make some mention to Herman Cain's controversy but I have no real opinion. Then I could say something about this or that but nothing is really going on. Since I do not have anything really to say I figured we need some eye candy ;-) Have a great Hump Day!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope that everyone has a Safe and Happy Halloween. Just remember when you are driving home this evening to watch out for all of the little ghouls and goblins that will be out Trick or Treating.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saint Louis Cardinals Are Champs!

Congratulations to the Saint Louis Cardinals and the their fans!!! I just want to thank the Cardinals and the Rangers on a great series. 

I don't know if you tuned in last night to Game 6 of the 2011 MLB World Series, but if you did then you understand why the Cardinals deserved to win it all. At least in my eyes they do, it was a great game. Last night they were down and out on the verge of being the losers of the World Series. Then battle back not once but 3 times to push the series to a game 7. 

I don't know if the Cardinals out played the Rangers last night or the managers just blew it. I can point to a costly intentional walk to Albert Pujols last night which at the time probably look good strategically but end up back firing and to tie the game. That was a direr mistake by Ron Washington, which you would have thought he would have learned but once again tonight that same strategy failed.

  Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Texas 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 6 0
St. Louis 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 X 6 7 1
WP: C. Carpenter (2-0)
LP: M. Harrison (0-2)

I never saw either of these teams back in February, but my prediction were a mess this year. But it was fun to watch and I can't wait until next the spring and next season. God I love baseball.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day 10-19

How's everyone been? I have some time to kill before heading into work. Weather has taken a turn for the worse here in Atlanta I guess Fall is now officially here it's cold, damp, grey and gloomy.  So here is some eye candy to brighten the day up..


Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Pride Atlanta

It's here Atlanta! It's Pride weekend, the weather looks to be great all weekend long with daytime temps in the high 70's and evenings in the mid 50's. I personally love the move that took place a few years ago it was horrid when it was in June with humidity and temps in the 90's, this is a lot more comfortable. The parade will be in Midtown Atlanta @1PM it will run down Peachtree st, turn on to 10th Street and continue in to Piedmont Park. All weekend long there will be festivities at the park and of course every club and bar will be celebrating. You can find out more information about the events in the guide below 

2011 Atlanta Pride Guide is now online!

The 41st Atlanta Pride Guide is now available online! Get the full guide on the go or on  your laptop today. See the entertainment, the articles and the full list of events! Click Here to view the Guide

Can’t make the Pride parade? Watch it online:
If you’re one of the unfortunate gays who can’t see the Atlanta Pride parade in person on Sunday as it winds its way through Midtown, well that sucks for you. It’s an experience not to be missed, so here’s another option. For the first time, you can watch a live webcast. The Atlanta Pride Committee says 11Alive will stream the parade on its website
The one event I do plan on attending is the Rugby Match between Atlanta Bucks v. St. Louis Crusaders. Yes gay men do play rugby among other sports, sorry to break another sterotype that we are a bunch of nelly sport hating queens. I have friends on both sides so I haven't decide who I'm going to be  rooting for I'm hoping it's a good game. This will be my first rugby match and I really don't know crap about how it's played. I've played soccer and touch football so I'm guessing it's a weird mutation of those two sports ;-)
Here is the info if you are interested in checking it out.

Atlanta Bucks vs St Louis Crusaders

Sat Oct 8, 2011 Game time 1PM - 3PM
Sammy E. Coan Middle School 1550 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30317-1902 (map)
I hope you show your support for the community and get out this weekend. You don't have to be part of the LGBTQ to partake in the festivities. Everything at Piedmont park is family friendly so come out enjoy the nice weather and have some fun. Show the pathetic Biblethumping hatemongers that you will not be intimidated and you are proud of yourself and your friends. Because I know they will be there preaching their hate-filled fire and brimstone sermons. Personally I find them pretty pathetic and comical.

Happy Pride Atlanta!!! 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs, dead at 56

 Steve Jobs, the demanding visionary who understood before anyone else how deeply we would live our lives through our devices, has died at the age of 56, only weeks after resigning as chief executive of computer giant Apple Inc. for health reasons.

Jobs revitalized Apple by transforming smartphones, computers, and media players into objects of desire. He insisted the company put the human experience first, focusing on design as well as technological prowess. Fifteen years ago,Apple flirted with bankruptcy; today, it is one of the most successful companies on earth. Only oil titan Exxon Mobil Corp. is worth more.

“He taught all of us how to transform technology into magic,” said John Sculley, Apple’s chief executive in the mid-1980s, and the man who once had Jobs kicked out of the company he’d co-founded.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Disappointment

Let me start by saying Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays and the St Louis Cardinals you both played some good ball this month.

Last night had to be one of the most deflating and exciting evenings as a baseball fan. I watched both of my teams complete their failure to advance. At the beginning of the month both the Red Sox (9 games) and Braves (8.5 games) commanded substantial lead for the final seed in the MLB quest for the World Series. But by this past weekend those leads had been squandered down to only 1 game lead, and then by Sunday they were both in a dead heat with nearest competitor.

A week ago I was more worried about the Red Sox not making. Then by Friday I was less worried about the Red Sox and more worried about the Braves chances. Both teams were fatigued and had taken serious injuries to the pitching staff. They both had some good pitchers left but on the nights when those pitchers took the mound the bats were cold and batters were left stranded on base. Or what was thought to be a sure win those pitchers faulted throwing misplaced pitches and letting in unrecoverable runs.

Now both teams must look deep and see what could have been the root causes. They need to see what their strengths are and build on those. Next they will look and identify the weakness. On paper the Red Sox were the team to beat at the Spring Training their bats should have been offensive and the pitching looked solid. Once the starter pulled the trigger and the season was off and running thing were looking dismal for the Sox but the shook off the slow start. By the end of June they were in command. Now 3 months later all we can do as fans is throw our hands up.

Having grown up as a Red Sox fan I have felt this deflation of emotions many times over the years and it still sucks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy First Day of Fall

Well Autumn is here, time to break out the sweaters and coats. Soon the leaves will start turn to bright shades or red, orange and yellow. The days grow shorter and the evening colder. I guess it's a good time for some eye candy to get us all warm :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Season is coming to a Close

Before we know it will be October and the start of the MLB Playoffs and the World Series. In two of the division races are sealed up Phillies with the NL East and Detroit in the AL Central. The AL wildcard race is still that, The Red Sox are beat up and are barely hanging on with 2 game lead over Tampa Bay and 4 game lead over the Angels. In the NL the Braves are still holding on with 3.5 game lead over the Cardinals and 4 game lead over the Giants.

There are 9 days left until the end of the season so it's going to be interesting to see if the Red Sox can hang on. I just hope they can bash their way into the playoffs. I'm doubtful, their pitching staff is depleted having suffered some injuries to critical starters and the subs are not getting the job done. I feel much better about the Braves chances yes they have same issues but they have great pitching depth for starters.

I guess only time will tell and I just hope I don't get cramps in my fingers from crossing them.

It's Ok To Tell

0001 20Sep2011  Secure From DADT.

On 20 September the US government repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) – the policy, signed into US law by President Clinton in 1993, that said it was okay to be gay but not to be honest about it. As of the moment DADT was lifted, a raft of legal cases and charges were dismissed, and recruitment applications from openly gay civilians started to be processed. As a veteran of the US Navy and being Gay I wish they had done this sooner I may have changed my mind and stayed in.
This is what a Gay Sailor looks like, yes it's Me.

The repugnics say that we need to save money and cut deficit the repeal of this inept policy will do just that. In 2005 a GAO study that put the cost of the first decade of “don’t ask, don’t tell” at $190.1 million. More than 13,000 service members have been discharged for violating the military’s ban on openly gay and lesbian troops since 1993, according to GAO. The reports note 2,215 of those men and women held “critical” roles in the service branches, including voice interceptors, data processing technicians, translators and special security forces.

In my estimation this policy cost us the taxpayers $3.421 BILLION dollars over the 18 years of this policy not including adjustment for inflation. Why did it cost so much? To train each of those servicemembers it's around $150,000.00 per trooper/Sailor/marine/airman when you figure in all the cost's of training, drill instructors, schools and pay for all involved. Of course this will vary depending what job that service member is expected to fill.
This is what a Gay Sailor looks like, yes it's Me.
The cost of graduating one officer, likely specializing in science and engineering, from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point was $340,000. But let’s say that officer likes to fly. Put him in a $19 million F-16 fighter. Because a person is different we trained them and then discharged them and had to train a new replacement. This does not take into account how if effected the unit that was now short one person and the skills they possessed.

This also does not take into account the additional stress a servicemember was under because of their secret. If they were having troubles at home they had no resource that they could use through traditional channels. If something were to happen to him or her their partner would not be notified or given support. If there was something to celebrate at home they could not share it with the mates at the command. If the command was having a party, function or they were given a promotion couldn't incude their partner, they were alone in that respect of their lives and career. 

Now be on guard because two of the repugnic candidates and biblethumpers  Governor Rick Perry and Representative Michelle (Crazy Bitch) Bachmann have openly stated that they would turn back the clock and reverse the DADT repeal if they get elected as President. Something to think about and one more reason they should not elected.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walk On

It is the tenth anniversary of the attacks on 9-11 a solemn day where so many innocent lives were lost. The events of that day pulled us together as neighbors, as a country and as a planet when we were one global community. People were nice to strangers. People opened their hearts to help those they did not know. People looked past political, economic, religious and racial differences to work together.

But today we have been torn apart. We are now war-weary, we tired and we are estranged. Our leaders political, economic, and religious have failed us. We need leaders that want to lead us into success not to bolster their own egos as they sit and watched the other guy fail. We need to put the partisan bickering aside and shake hands. We do not honor those that perished by destroying that community and the planet. It is once again hatred that is causing our Nation pain and it is at our own hand this time. If we could only muster 1/10th of sense of community we felt the days after those attacks we could solve all of the problems we now face as nation.

May we never forget... Enough Said!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday!! Long weekend in sight, allllmmmmooossstttt there!
I hope that everyone has a Fun and Safe weekend. Enjoy the eye candy and see you on Monday or maybe Tuesday :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Hands Man Battle Station!

To all of my friends and family in the path of Hurricane Irene (aka unwanted visitor that ruins a perfectly good weekend) I hope you have made to higher ground by now and have gathered any supply's that you need.
Please take care of yourselves and those that are close to you.
Be Safe!

Be Smart! 

And hold on tight it could be some kind of a wild ride. The Internet and Twitter is the safest place for that hurricane party.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It Gets Better

    Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Now if it was only that simple. But It does get better. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live from the Epicenter

Deep beneath the Virginia countryside in a top secret Cold War era bunker that hasn't been used for decades met a group of Republican and Democratic Congressmen. When asked to evacuate because of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake they all emerged with horrified looks on there faces and declaring they didn't feel a thing. When asked about the meeting a few members announced they had made great headway in the deficit reduction cuts for the future budgets. The greatest of these decisions had just been made seconds before being asked to evacuate. When asked what is was the a senior member asking to remain anonymous said "we decide to have Subway cater the future meetings, we had been debating this for 3 weeks."  :-)

I hope all of my friends and family in Virginia area are doing okay. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Like Warren Buffet

Why isn't Mr. Buffet running for President? It seems like he's the only one that has a comprehension of what lower classes are actually going through. I hear the elected officials on both sides go on about how tax cuts will create jobs, but they only are increasing the National debt that terrifies all of us. No one likes taxes if you say you do you are lying through your teeth. But we all expect a certain level of services from our government; you know education for the kids, public safety and clean streets (which aren't very clean or in good shape). Local Governments have learned to make do with less and put critical public works projects on hold because of money. No agency or company wants to lay works off in these times when many municipalities are seeing unemployment rates hovering close to 1o percent nationwide. Things have been cut to the bone and there is going to come a time when no other choice will existed but to raise taxes if it's not income the it will be property or the sales tax. So why is it so bad to ask those that are not feeling crunch so bad to pay a bit more than the rest of us? One of the richest and smartest business men in the land doesn't think that it too much to ask. I have more faith in this man than any of the bastards the US Congress.
Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Omaha, OUR leaders have asked for “shared sacrifice.” But when they did the asking, they spared me. I checked with my mega-rich friends to learn what pain they were expecting. They, too, were left untouched.

While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks. Some of us are investment managers who earn billions from our daily labors but are allowed to classify our income as “carried interest,” thereby getting a bargain 15 percent tax rate. Others own stock index futures for 10 minutes and have 60 percent of their gain taxed at 15 percent, as if they’d been long-term investors.

These and other blessings are showered upon us by legislators in Washington who feel compelled to protect us, much as if we were spotted owls or some other endangered species. It’s nice to have friends in high places.

Last year my federal tax bill — the income tax I paid, as well as payroll taxes paid by me and on my behalf — was $6,938,744. That sounds like a lot of money. But what I paid was only 17.4 percent of my taxable income — and that’s actually a lower percentage than was paid by any of the other 20 people in our office. Their tax burdens ranged from 33 percent to 41 percent and averaged 36 percent.

If you make money with money, as some of my super-rich friends do, your percentage may be a bit lower than mine. But if you earn money from a job, your percentage will surely exceed mine — most likely by a lot.

To understand why, you need to examine the sources of government revenue. Last year about 80 percent of these revenues came from personal income taxes and payroll taxes. The mega-rich pay income taxes at a rate of 15 percent on most of their earnings but pay practically nothing in payroll taxes. It’s a different story for the middle class: typically, they fall into the 15 percent and 25 percent income tax brackets, and then are hit with heavy payroll taxes to boot.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, tax rates for the rich were far higher, and my percentage rate was in the middle of the pack. According to a theory I sometimes hear, I should have thrown a fit and refused to invest because of the elevated tax rates on capital gains and dividends.

I didn’t refuse, nor did others. I have worked with investors for 60 years and I have yet to see anyone — not even when capital gains rates were 39.9 percent in 1976-77 — shy away from a sensible investment because of the tax rate on the potential gain. People invest to make money, and potential taxes have never scared them off. And to those who argue that higher rates hurt job creation, I would note that a net of nearly 40 million jobs were added between 1980 and 2000. You know what’s happened since then: lower tax rates and far lower job creation.

Since 1992, the I.R.S. has compiled data from the returns of the 400 Americans reporting the largest income. In 1992, the top 400 had aggregate taxable income of $16.9 billion and paid federal taxes of 29.2 percent on that sum. In 2008, the aggregate income of the highest 400 had soared to $90.9 billion — a staggering $227.4 million on average — but the rate paid had fallen to 21.5 percent.

The taxes I refer to here include only federal income tax, but you can be sure that any payroll tax for the 400 was inconsequential compared to income. In fact, 88 of the 400 in 2008 reported no wages at all, though every one of them reported capital gains. Some of my brethren may shun work but they all like to invest. (I can relate to that.)

I know well many of the mega-rich and, by and large, they are very decent people. They love America and appreciate the opportunity this country has given them. Many have joined the Giving Pledge, promising to give most of their wealth to philanthropy. Most wouldn’t mind being told to pay more in taxes as well, particularly when so many of their fellow citizens are truly suffering.

Twelve members of Congress will soon take on the crucial job of rearranging our country’s finances. They’ve been instructed to devise a plan that reduces the 10-year deficit by at least $1.5 trillion. It’s vital, however, that they achieve far more than that. Americans are rapidly losing faith in the ability of Congress to deal with our country’s fiscal problems. Only action that is immediate, real and very substantial will prevent that doubt from morphing into hopelessness. That feeling can create its own reality.

Job one for the 12 is to pare down some future promises that even a rich America can’t fulfill. Big money must be saved here. The 12 should then turn to the issue of revenues. I would leave rates for 99.7 percent of taxpayers unchanged and continue the current 2-percentage-point reduction in the employee contribution to the payroll tax. This cut helps the poor and the middle class, who need every break they can get.

But for those making more than $1 million — there were 236,883 such households in 2009 — I would raise rates immediately on taxable income in excess of $1 million, including, of course, dividends and capital gains. And for those who make $10 million or more — there were 8,274 in 2009 — I would suggest an additional increase in rate.

My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.

Warren E. Buffett is the chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fresh Salsa

I had an abundant harvest of grape tomatoes and we never would have used them up before they went bad. So I decide to give making some homemade salsa a try.

Robbie's Spicy Salsa

1 pint of Grape or Cherry tomatoes
1 can of dice tomatoes
1-2 Jalapeno peppers
1 Pablano pepper
1/2 Sweet onion (Like Vidalia or Texas Sweet)
1 Garlic clove
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1/4 teaspoon of chili powder
Juice from 1 lime
Pinch of sugar to taste
Salt to taste
Olive Oil

Clean and dry all of the fresh ingredients. Quarter and de-seed all of the tomatoes, divide the Grape tomatoes in half. Place one half (I only did half but feel free to try all) on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil, then coat the Pablano pepper with olive oil and add to the baking sheet. Place these under the broiler for about 10-15 minutes. Half way through turn the pepper with tongs. When finished allow these to cool. Drain the juice from the canned tomatoes. Then you will move the tomatoes to a blender or food processor and add half of the canned tomatoes. Pulse these until you get the desired texture. Then move to a medium bowl.
***You may want to wear rubber gloves for the next steps.***
Using the edge of a knife peel the outer shiny skin off of the Pablano pepper, once it's removed dice the meat and to the bowl. Slice the Jalapeno pepper in half, using a paring knife carefully remove the white vein and seeds. If you want to be really HOT add the seeds. Next juliene each half and then mince, add those to the bowl.
Roll the lime on the counter applying gentle pressure, then cut in half and squeeze each into the bowl. Mince the remaining canned tomatoes, the half of onion, the garlic clove and the cilantro, add to the bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. With a clean spoon taste and season to taste with the sugar and salt.

Place in a glass seal-able container and refrigerate, it should keep for about a week.

If you do try this recipe please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Heatwave, A Tropical Heatwave

It's going to be another scorcher here in Atlanta. I've had enough of the summer, much prefer the fall or spring but they have been pretty short lived lately. I hope that everyone tries to stay cool and don't forget about your pets. Make sure they have plenty of water. If you one of those people that like to take you pup with you everywhere you go, Please leave them at home

Here's some eye candy to help take your mind off of the heat.

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