Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music in my Head

I hope everyone has been having a good week and weekend. Not to much has been going on, it's been down right quiet. I just thought id share some of the music that has been running through my head this week.

Last 10 Songs Played...
  1. Blue Water (Dave Matthews Band)
  2. Demon Host (Timber Timbre)
  3. Wordplay (Jason Mraz)
  4. The Good Life (Five Times August)
  5. Tears From The Moon (DJ Tiƫsto)
  6. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love (Coldplay)
  7. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Jack Johnson)
  8. Bosha Nova (Mark Farina/Mr. Electric Triangle)
  9. Zombie (The Cranberries)
  10. Swallowed (Bush)
 and a couple pieces of candy...

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