Monday, November 01, 2010

Go Vote!

Tomorrow is election day and there to many heated races to comment on. I'm sure you know by now where my allegiance lies, if you don't just ask.

But have you seen the figures on how much money is being spent nation-wide on the mid term elections? The estimate is around $3.9 BILLION That is fucking outrageous! Do you know what you can buy for that kind of money? How about your own Virginia Class Nuclear Sub (please allow 3-4 years for delivery). I'm not going to complain about which party is spending more on what race, I don't care about that. But seriously our elections are being bought by corporations, Specials and foreign interests. That is what scares the shit out of me. Because lets face it money buys power.

Despite that I challenge you to say No to these groups and Vote. The one thing that these groups are hoping is that you won't. Voting is still free no matter what you may have heard. So if you haven't done so make sure you head to the polls tomorrow and Vote. Don't assume your candidate has lost or won, until after your vote has been cast.

1 comment:

Jason Shaw said...

It's crazy how much money is being wasted on these elections. It wouldn't happen in any other country!

It's scary!

I just wish I could vote!

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