Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fair and Balanced, Maybe

 Our political structure shift to the right yesterday and boy did US House go way right. The US Senate looks like it will remains slight left of center. Am I happy with the result? Not particularly. Turn out was lousy for the Democratic base, they just did not turn out. I voted and you had your chance, if you didn't vote shut the F*&K Up!

Historically when one party takes the Presidency then they tend to loose seats in the Congress, it happened to Clinton and it happened to Bush. Granted not to the level that we saw yesterday, but the economy wasn't as bad back then as it is now. Unemployment nationwide is around 9%, that is a lot of  people that are hurting and maybe they felt let me give the other guy a try.

But if we look at this way, the US Government is now a bit more balanced with Dems controlling the Executive Branch and the Senate and the Repubs controlling the House. What I hope is that it does not grid lock our government. The two side must to work together and get things done. Because it really does not benefit the people that elected these men and women if they sit in the corner and pout. Yes I'm probably being way to optimistic but it's the truth. Both side need to focus on the economy, getting people back to work and strengthening the country. If nothing gets done then we loose. But these newly elected candidates need to remember that  they work for us (House two years and Senate Six years) until we vote again and we will hold you accountable. And whether you are ready for it or not the 2012 Presidential race starts today. 

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