Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

 I hope that everyone has a Fun and Safe Halloween!!!  Please remember this Halloween ...if you run out of candy you can't hand out condoms and pills. ;-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

What iListen to

I Thought I'd post some info on what I have been listening to. In my musical library there are 4398 songs adding up to 28.71G. In that Library there is almost every genre, the top are: Rock, Alternative, Punk, Ska, Country, Electonic (Trance and Dance), Indie, and even some Classical, Jazz, R&B and hip hop but not much of those.
I find it funny though, how iTunes sometimes classifies an artist from one album to another. What I may consider to be say Ska they call it Reggae or I call it indie and they call it folk. I guess it just a useless label that is in the ear of the listener.
But, I know in the past I had ranked on Rianna and a couple other musicians because of a song I can't stand. I know some of you probably took offense to that because you liked that song, Wah. So here is your chance to rank on me, hehehe

The Tops on my iPod, you will find...

Podcasts I like...
1. ESPN: Baseball Today
2. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me
3.The Splendid Table
4. Real Time w/ Bill Maher
5. MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show (audio)

Recently Played Tracks
1. The Separation of Church and Slate (NOFX)
2. Nyana (DJ Tiesto)
3. Inca (DJ Tiesto)
4. Oh,What a Dream (Johnny Cash)
5. The Escapist (The Streets)
6.Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson)
7. I Coulda Been a Contender (The Gaslight Anthem)
8. You Might Die Trying (Dave Matthews Band)
9. Angel (James McCartney)
10. Policy of Truth ( Depeche Mode)

Most Played Tracks
1. The Unknown (Andrea Parker)
2. It's All Good (Andrew Ripp)
3. Life Magazine (Cold Cave)
4. If I Had it All (Dave Matthews Band)
5.Yes, I Would (Frightened Rabbit)
6. Angel (Jack Johnson)
7. Backdrifts (Honeymoon Is Over) (Radiohead)
8. Come Round Soon (Sara Bareilles)
9. Let's get Lost (Feat. Jason Mraz) (Two Spot Gobi)
10. When The World Ends (Dave Matthews Band)

So this is what I have been listening to, let me know what you think. Feel free if you want to suggest some tracks or artist that I should check out. As you can see there is some diversity in my musical tastes and I'm always open to checking someone new. So leave me a comment. I think this will be a regular post in some way maybe monthly or weekly, I haven't decided yet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You Ladies

Did you ever have one of those days that seemed like it was going to be SHIT? Then one thing or action changes things for the better.
Well today was one of those day for me. I forgot to set my alarm,which made me late for work. I called, then jump in the shower and rush out the door. With no coffee in my blood stream I'm already feeling doomed. I hit the road. I figure I'm already late and stop at Dunkin Dounuts for some joe. Of course I pick the wrong one that doesn't have a squack box so you have to order at the window and they are slow as shit. Next I get a call from work and I'm think Shit now what. They ask me to run and pick something up and I was able to breath. Finally I get into Buckhead and I'm stuck at a light try to get to Phipps Plaza. I'm thinking come on lets get this thing moving and it wasn't. Then I realized why they had APD directing traffic and notice it's for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for the cure. I watched as friends and generations of ladies crossed the street. I really have to say I need that. It really turned my frown upside down and really set me in a better place. It just amazed me that these actions of people I didn't know could affect me in this way. So to all of ladies that participated in Atlanta's Walk... Thank you Ladies!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stop Hate

Tomorrow Will Be Better

In the wake of recent tragedies among LGBT youth: RIP Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase and Billy Lucas. You are Missed. ♥ message to the LGBT community.

I'm not a motivational speaker and but here is my best effort. Here is my message to all of the GLBT youth out there.

I know you may think suicide is a solution to all of your problems, It's Not. Shit happens. People Suck, but that's their problem. Trust me Karma will get them back ten fold. There have been hundreds of people in same place you are now, I've been there. Life gets better, you move on you make new friends. You do matter, your life is not a small cog in this world. What you do right now it effects the rest of us. It effects your friends, family and community. You are potential energy and we want to see what you can do.

If you don't think what I have say is worth a damn then please listen to the former 1st lady and current Secretary of State has to say..

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Secretary Clinton: October 2010 » Message to LGBT Youth
Message to LGBT Youth

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
October 19, 2010

[Video is available here:]

Like millions of Americans, I was terribly saddened to learn of the recent suicides of several teenagers across our country after being bullied because they were gay or because people thought they were gay. Children are particularly vulnerable to the hurt caused by discrimination and prejudice and we have lost many young people over the years to suicide. These most recent deaths are a reminder that all Americans have to work harder to overcome bigotry and hatred.

I have a message for all the young people out there who are being bullied, or who feel alone and find it hard to imagine a better future: First of all, hang in there and ask for help. Your life is so important—to your family, your friends, and to your country. And there is so much waiting for you, both personally and professionally— there are so many opportunities for you to develop your talents and make your contributions.

And these opportunities will only increase. Because the story of America is the story of people coming together to tear down barriers, stand up for rights, and insist on equality, not only for themselves but for all people. And in the process, they create a community of support and solidarity that endures. Just think of the progress made by women just during my lifetime by women, or ethnic, racial and religious minorities over the course of our history —and by gays and lesbians, many of whom are now free to live their lives openly and proudly. Here at the State Department, I am grateful every day for the work of our LGBT employees who are serving the United States as foreign service officers and civil servants here and around the world. It wasn’t long ago that these men and women would not have been able to serve openly, but today they can—because it has gotten better. And it will get better for you.

So take heart, and have hope, and please remember that your life is valuable, and that you are not alone. Many people are standing with you and sending you their thoughts, their prayers and their strength. Count me among them.

Take care of yourself.

Thanks to my friend Riah posted this on his FB page and I wanted to share it with the rest of you.

If you are worried about a friend or family member

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Often times, a suicidal person may indicate in some way that they plan to attempt suicide. Here are some warning signs you should know about.
Warning Signs:

* Increased Isolation – From family and friends
* Alcohol or Drug Use Increases
* Expression of negative attitude toward self
* Expression of hopelessness or helplessness
* Change in Regular Behavior
* Loss of interest in usual activities
* Giving away valued possessions
* Expression of a lack of future orientation (i.e. "It won't matter soon anyway")
* Expressing Suicidal Feelings
* Signs of Depression
* Describes a Specific Plan for Suicide
* History of Suicide in the Family
* A person who has been extremely depressed in the past may be at an increased risk for suicide if the depression begins to cease, as they may now have the psychological energy to follow through on a suicidal ideation.

If you or someone you care about displays any of these warning signs, please do not hesitate to call The Trevor Lifeline at: 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386) to speak with a trained volunteer counselor.

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Office of the President... Subject DADT

Tonight I penned a letter to the President that I will mail tomorrow. I just couldn't take all of the bullshit regarding DADT that has been going on. This has been an insult to our troops gay and straight that have had to deal with this. I urge you to write your own. I hope that my letter inspires you to let him know how you feel. I know I could have sent an email but I don't think that is personal enough to relay the feeling that I have.
President Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President;
I am writing you today in regards to the recent news about the US Military’s policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. I am very disappointed with your leadership in seeking the repeal of this policy and your administrations’ decision to appeal Judge Phillips ruling. As a US Navy veteran and a gay man I have seen firsthand during my time of service how this policy can adversely affected a unit’s morale and the careers of young men and women. While stationed at Pearl Harbor I saw how a witch hunt works and the result. I watched 18 friends and fellow service members from all different branches discharged.

These were all fine Airmen, Sailors and Soldiers, they were Officers, Non-Commissioned officers and Enlisted. They were pilots, translators, yeoman, technicians, and Chief of the Boat on a submarine. These were people that as a held positions that required years of training and that the Military had spent millions of dollars on training. These were people that went to work each day risking their lives to defend their country. These were people that were proud to wear the uniform and served honorably. These were people that had their dreams shattered because of a bad policy and prejudices.

During that time period and through the rest of my careers I had to wonder “If I was next?” I had to look over my shoulder and sometimes wondered if I was being pursued. Had to worry if one of these men turned me in to try and find favor with the prosecuting command. This was a mental burden that I had to contend with because of something beyond my control.

After World War II, desegregation of all U.S. Armed Forces was done by order of President Harry S. Truman in July 1948 via Executive Order 9981. Mr. President your administration could have acted similarly by choosing not to appeal the court ruling. When President Truman order desegregation he did not ask for the opinion of military, He did it and faced a lot of criticism because of it. But he didn’t care, he did it because it was the right thing to do. Instead you worry about how the Generals and Admirals’ will handle the situation. You waste time and taxpayers money conducting fact finding missions when all you have to do is consult our allies.

It’s a fact that our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have or are probably already serving with integrated force if they were with a joint strike command. They have already had gay or lesbians serving alongside them only in a different uniform. But the fight regardless and do their duty honorable and heroically.

What it comes down to Mr. President is leadership and doing what is right. These Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Sailors on active duty or in reserves should not have to hide who they are. Their loved ones should be allowed to have the support of the command when they are deployed. They should know that if something dreadful should happen to them that these loved ones will be taken care of just like any other military personnel’s’ dependent would.

What I ask Mr. President is that you have the appeal with drawn and work with the court. This policy should not be allowed to persist any longer. Let these people serve with dignity and not duress and should not have to look over their shoulders.

Thank you, Mr. President for your time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Immediately Stop Enforcing DADT... NOT

I'm sure you all have heard this by now. I wanted to post it two days ago but we had just gotten back from our fall leaf peeping trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was tired from the driving and just kind of drained.  So what does this all mean?  The Obama Administration has already asked for a stay on the injunction pending an appeal. So I hope none our GLBT troops called in gay to their command, if you did you are SCREWED.  You can see some quotes from them below along with more of my response. 

Judge: Stop 'don't ask, don't tell' immediately

By Julie Watson, Associated Press Writer  |  October 12, 2010
SAN DIEGO —A federal judge ordered the military Tuesday to immediately stop enforcing its ban on openly gay troops, bringing the 17-year “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy closer than it has ever been to being abolished.

Justice Department attorneys have 60 days to appeal the injunction but did not say what their next step would be.

President Barack Obama has backed a Democratic effort in Congress to repeal the law, rather than in an executive order or in court.

But U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips’ injunction leaves the administration with a choice: Continue defending a law it opposes with an appeal, or do nothing, let the policy be overturned, and add an explosive issue to a midterm election with Republicans poised to make major gains.

Department of Justice and Pentagon officials were reviewing the judge’s decision and said they had no immediate comment.

“The whole thing has become a giant game of hot potato,” said Diane H. Mazur, a legal expert at the Palm Center, a think tank at the University of California at Santa Barbara that supports a repeal. “There isn’t anyone who wants to be responsible, it seems, for actually ending this policy.

“The potato has been passed around so many times that I think the grown-up in the room is going to be the federal courts.”

From the Justice Department and the Obama Administration
"As the President has stated previously, the Administration does not support the DADT statute as a matter of policy and strongly supports its repeal. However, the Department of Justice has long followed the practice of defending federal statutes as long as reasonable arguments can be made in support of their constitutionality, even if the Administration disagrees with a particular statute as a policy matter, as it does here," it says. 

"The immediate implementation of the injunction would disrupt this review and frustrate the Secretary's ability to recommend and implement policies that would ensure that any repeal of DADT does not irreparably harm the government's critical interests in military readiness, combat effectiveness, unit cohesion, morale, good order, discipline, and recruiting and retention of the Armed Forces," the request reads. "Accordingly, a stay should be entered while defendants appeal the Court's entry of a worldwide injunction."

"The precipitous changes to military policy required by the Court's injunction would result in a host of significant and immediate harms to the recognized public interest in ensuring that the Nation has strong and effective military operations," the government argues.

What a bunch of BS! No matter what I really don't think the Obama's adminstration has their heart behind a repeal of this bad policy. They just spent 6 months doing a fact find mission to see how it would impact forces. Lets face it whether you want to admit or not our troops that are serving in Afghanistan with NATO units are already working along side GLBT troops within our allies forces. So if they are in a joint command then they are sleep, eating, showering and fight alongside them already. How do US commanders keep those troops separate?

Harry Reid has already let the bill die (voting against it himself) and caved in to the "old fuck" John MCCain. I have really had it up to here with the party and the adminstration and have really contemplated joining the gay blogger boycot of the Democratic party and registering as Independent after the November election. At least as an Idependent maybe then the GA Republicans and the Democrats will listen to what I have to say.

So do you want to know how this bad policy affects our troops? Well I recommend you watch these two videos by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Pride Atlanta

This weekend is Pride for city of Atlanta and the surrounding GBLT communities. Though in the larger picture this also coincides with National Coming Out Day which is on 11th of October, I think that is Monday. The weather is supposed to be great; sunny and with highs in the mid 80's, the evenings will cool off to the 50's so you will want a sweatshirt or maybe sweater to cut the chill.

Most of the festival will take place around Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta, parking will be fairly scarce so I recommend taking Marta. We'll probably walk around on Saturday, since I have to work on Sunday so I will miss the parade :-(  Which is the best part in my opinion. This is a family event and a lot of fun no matter if you are Gay or Straight. I do recommend getting there early to get a really good spot.

On greater scheme of things lets not forget that we have a lot to cerebrate and a lot of goals to work towards to over come HATE. Yesterday was the  anniversary of the horrid event that took place in Laramie, WY where a young man named Matthew Shepard's life was taken because of HATE. Hate is a black spot in our comminties and can not be tolerated. So to all of the hate filled religious wingnuts that like to show up at our events, STAY HOME!

But if you have an open mind and heart please come, celebrate with us and have some fun.I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Down to the wire

 Congratulations to Bobby Cox on a fine regular "season" career, he retires at the end of the season. But it may not be over just yet... The Atlanta Braves won "their must win" or face elimination from any chance of  post season play today. This finished a good but shaky season with W91 L71 .562 GB 6  Home 56-25  Road 35-46 record. As of right now they are waiting on the winner of the Padres v. Giants game that is being played out West. If the Giants win, the Braves will be the NL wild card champs, but if San Diego wins there will be a 3-way tie for the National League Wildcard spot. This would lead to a series of one game playoffs: Padres would play the Giants tomorrow to determine the NL West Champ. Loser would then play the Braves Tuesday for  NLWC.

Right now like the rest of the Braves', Padres' and Giant's fans I'm waiting to see what happens. No matter the outcome we can't say they haven't made it interesting. To think you probably wanted to watch football. Yuck! Baseball players are Hotter. :-)

UPDATE: Congratulations to the NL West Champs the SF Giants and  to the NL Wildcard Atl Braves for sneaking in the backdoor to the show.  
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