Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Remebered

Nine years ago today America and the World suffered a great loss. When the planes flew into the buildings in New York we were all left a gasp. We could not believe that this was really happening and we wondered when we would settle back into reality waking from the bad dream. Instead we were left in horror and realizing that our simple world had changed.

A few delusional radical element had committed us to a path that were are on today. It's these radical elements in society that are the greatest danger. It's intolerant for customs and cultures that feed our fears for lack of knowledge. We blame all because of these extreme bad apples in a group. This is not a new clash of societies, it has been raging since man walked upright. But how do we overcome this? How do we make the world a better place? When do we set religion, politics and ethnicity aside and shake the hand of the other.

Right after the events that occurred nine years ago we were there. The world had rallied in support of ridding the world of these radical elements, but it wasn't long after that we had strayed from that path. I only hope leading in to the tenth anniversary we able to back track and find that path. We need to put new and old grudges aside to work through the current problems that our world faces. If not in memory of those lost but for the future generations that will follow.

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