Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate Day

 All hands scurvy dog ye Battle Stations!!!
Its speak like a scurvy pirate day 'n we need to find a few pints 'o ale if we be goin' to do 'tis properly. So have a grog-filled speak like a scurvy pirate day!!! 'n yarr thar be a day fer that :-) So, ye band 'o pirates off th' coast 'o Somalia, prepare to be boarded 'n run through. ye be givin' us harrrd drinkin' band 'o pirates a bad moniker.

An easy way to celebrate is to...
STEP1: goto bottom of ur Facebook page.
STEP2: Click on English (US)''
STEP3: When all the different Languages appear,Click on English (PIRATE) So funny!! arr
Confused give this translator a try.
Check out 

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