Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a wrap

 Yesterday's news day ...As of right now the Wingnut Pastor has put his plans on hold. Thank Goodness! We'll just have to wait and see if that is true or not. I guess there is some drama around the circumstances that made him get a grip of his senses. Maybe he was told about Salman Rushdie, and how he still has personal security for death threats because of a book he wrote. Either way 1 person died yesterday in Afghanistan in protests to his plans and that is one too many. 

In case you had not heard, a federal judge in California ruled yesterday, that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’ policy toward gay members of the military is unconstitutional. This ruling was for a lawsuit that had been filed back in 2004 by the Log Cabin Republicans. Early this year the US Congress passed a bill to remove the policy, it's just been tied up in Senate committees that have been letting the Pentagon conduct studies. I'm sure the US Government will file an appeal, because you know they are not ready to act, not as long as the Senate is dragging their feet. Just will have to wait and see shat happens.

Another week is almost complete, I actually have the full weekend off which doesn't happen to often. I had taken it off because my friend Clark said he was going to get Braves tickets, but forgot. No big deal, though I would have liked to go the game they need all of the fan support they can get right now. If the Atlanta Braves do not take the rest of series this weekend from the STL Cardinals I really fear they will be out of the playoffs.

Hope everyone has a great weekend how about a few pieces of eye candy...

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