Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm really getting tired of this not to mention the fact I'm running out of retailers, companies, States, and Countries to do business with. I'm talking about the recent call to boycott Target because of their bad decision to give money to anti-gay political candidate in Minnesota.
The Real Lesson In Target's Campaign Cash Trouble
by Peter Overby

During this election season, there's likely to be a lot more corporate cash in politics, following a Supreme Court ruling last winter that lifted restraints on companies and labor unions.
Already, a case involving Target Corp. and the gay-rights movement has provided one picture of how American politics works in the wake of the Citizens United decision.

Target gave $150,000 to an independent group, which spent some of it on an ad supporting Republican Tom Emmer's bid to be Minnesota's next governor. Target regarded Emmer as pro-business. But as a state legislator, he also built a solid record opposing gay equality.

And it's expected that Minnesota's next governor will have the chance to sign or veto marriage legislation, notes Fred Sainz with the Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.

So protesters beat a path to Target stores.
Now according to a recent US Supreme Court decision on Corporate freedom of speech this is perfectly with in their right. But they also must be willing to pay the price, campaign donations are public record and if a political or business adversary could use this to their benefit. Now I'm not saying that Kmart or Walmart did this but I wouldn't be surprised.

Now back to the boycott where am I going to shop? Seriously to some point these do get out of hand and do they really work? This year alone we're encouraged to boycott anything in or from the State of Arizona, The Mormon state of Utah, BP, Best Buy, and Target. I'm sure there are one of two companies that I must be missing. A few years ago, I can remember the Crazy Baptist's boycott of Disney and did that really work? No, they ultimately end up dropping it.

Personally I've had these boycotts going on for years Walmart (Market practices and worker treatment) Exxon (Consumer bludgeoning) and Coors products (Anti-Gay Political Contributions) and neither of those companies have gone under. Yeah the Coors family did separate from their company because of similar donations as Target. I try to think before I shop and see if certain companies share the same community standards as myself. Which may change where I go, this could cause me to go out of my way or spend more than I like for an item.

Now what if you worked for such a company as Target? It's not like you could afford to quit your job in this economy, well maybe you could and all the more to you. But if you can't how do you protest? Are you going to call in and say your not going to work until they change their policy. They would probably just can your ass and find someone more willing to take your place.

Well anyway, I've been gabbering on for sometime now and I hope you get my meaning. As a company Target is well in their right to contribute political to whom they want. Do I support it, HELL NO! Will I be boycotting them if I have a choice I'll look elsewhere. I guess we'll have to wait and see if this actually works. I guess the bad publicity and shame may go further. I mean hell I'm running out of place to shop.

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