Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam

It's been to so long I can't remember the last time I go one of these. For myself this is an easy one, I don't have a Capital One account. So They must have the wrong person. Once again if you get an email like this and you do have an account with that business don't reply to it and especially, don't click on any of the links. If you are worried that something might be a rye with your account, please open a new browser window and type the URL for that institution or a link you had already bookmarked.

A dead give away that this is spam first off its from "Capital One Bank <>" I doubt is associated with Capital One. 
Another hint is the link that they are directing you to is "" again I don't think this is a link to Capital One. 

Never share your user name, password, or security questions with anyone, and beware of suspicious e-mails or unsolicited phone calls asking for this information.

If you did receive an email like this I recommend you forward it to or you can go to Capital Ones web page for fraudulent emails

Just remember don't be an Idiot. 

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