Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He Loved Baseball; George Steinbrenner Passes at 80

As I type this I heard on CNN that George Stienbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack and past away in Florida Hospital. As a baseball fan you either loved him or hated him as the master of the evil empire, the New York Yankees.

I remember as a kid all of the comical firings and rehirings of Yankees manager Billy Martin over the years. He was devoted to the sport and really empowered the league. He drove teams like the Red Sox to be better and to compete at a higher level.  He was a great baseball fan and took a struggling franchise in 1973 for $10M and had led them to 7 world series titles.  I send my thoughts and wishes out to the Stienbrenner family, the Yankee fans and organization. He Loved Baseball.

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