Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Some Catching Up

It's been pretty lazy this week as far as blogging is concerned, sorry bout that. But when the weather starts getting nice it's sometimes harder to put my thoughts to the keyboard. There are a few things that I've been wanting to touch on...

First off I wanted to send out a big congratulations to my friend Ada, she was sworn in as a newest member of the melting pot call the United States. I'm really proud of her, here's a big HUG!!!

The house is pretty much done. It's amazing how quick capable contractors work. The last bunch of idiots took 2 months and this crew fixed all of the shit the last group did such a poor job on. We figured that since no one is there we'll go ahead and paint the rooms upstairs. I'll be working on those later today. Te garden is coming around, there are some small tomatoes and the squash is blossoming. I think I even saw a cucumber on its way. I'll probably grab a handful of basil to use in the meat sauce for tomorrows dinner.   

Now on to some baseball... Are you a baseball fan? Well you should be, unless you live in Baltimore, yuck not much else to say about your season. God that is one awful team. I really feel for the their former manager that Dave Trembley and KC's manager it wasn't their fault. They had to work with what they were given so most of the blame should be focused on the front offices. But since you hardly ever see a GM or owner fired I don't think things will be looking up for those clubs anytime soon.

onight is the debut of Stephen Strasburg a pitcher that has been decimating the minors, is going to start against Pittsburg tonight. I guess that will be a good start since Pittsburg is another terrible team. It will be interesting to see how he pitches in the major league, but the true test will only come when he is facing a more formidable line up. The kid is 21 years old, stands 6'4" and throw righty and has 100mph fastball. He went to San Diego state and was unhittable there, which he kept up in the minors.
My guess is he will be babied with low pitch counts and be lucky if he makes it past the 6th or 7th inning. Either way it should be interesting and I know I'm curious and have the game set to record on the DVR. The game is going to televised on MLB network nationally or if you are in the Nationals or Pirates markets check you local networks. Hopefully in the future we can see if the Braves rookie Jason Heyward can take him deep or will he be left walking away with his head down, it should be fun watching the next generation play.

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