Monday, May 03, 2010

Wet Again

First off everyone is okay, the Munch or dog is in the kennel @ vets. The Zig the cat is staying with our awesome neighbors Erin and Earl. We are in a hotel until Saturday and hopefully after that an apartment. But unless a disaster area is declared (fingers crossed) for the area it will all be out of pocket so that is going to hurt. Ugh.

Just over 5 months ago we were well under 28" of water, we are wet again. This time it was only minor flooding at 10". Just enough to ruin the carpeting, flooring, cabinets and walls. Fuck! We had just about gotten the house back to normal, we were settling in and finishing touches. I was going to plant my veggies tomorrow that is now on hold.

As far as the initial damage report its looking like it will be structural as far as Ryan and I are concerned. Things could be different for our roommate. He lives on the ground floor. But because of quick thinking and we were able to get the more expensive furniture piece up out of the path of destruction.

Either way we'll get through it. Fuck!

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