Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on the Flood.

Over the weekend Ryan and I moved in to our temporary lodging, we got an apartment. It's pretty nice and has a real kitchen unlike the Extended Stay we were at last time. We also don't have to worry about the sketchy individuals that come and go from there. The clean up is going slow, today I got the kitchen cabinets all packed up and did some sweeping. Just trying to get the dust up from the demo is a bitch. The floor was still wet so it's caked to the floor and will take some scrubbing. Ugh!. Below are some pictures of the destruction, the ones from inside are to depressing for me to share.

I also want to send out a big Hug and thank you to the people at work. They are just plan awesome. They all chipped in and gave Ryan and I a bunch of gift cards for Kroger, Publics and restaurants. It was really heart filled gesture and I came close to balling my eyes out when I was given them. I think I have thanked everyone individually but I'm going to have to do something special to thank them. I'm just not sure what yet I have a few ideas I'm tossing around in my head.

On a brighter note I got the veggies in today, finally. If I had waited I think they would be lost cause. I was just glad I was able to save them when they started to float away. Yeah I'm not kidding, they were headed down stream. I'll post some pictures of the garden either later tonight or in the morning. I need to go check on dinner.

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