Saturday, May 01, 2010

I hate this Song

I haven't had a reason to spin out of control lately but I found one. I just wanted to say I F-ing hate the song Umbrella...ellla...ellla I mean I really hate it. I use that word very sparing-ling, just because it's a very strong word. But, Every time I hear it wish I could drive ice picks in to my ears or even run screaming off of a cliff. Seriously the song is terrible and I personally feel that Rihanna should be lobotomized so she doesn't put the world through such an audio horror again.

Now don't get on my case saying that's pretty harsh treatment, but it's just my opinion. Yes I know you may feel that way about one of the songs on my iPod. But I think we all have a song that make us feel that way. Maybe I'm over reacting.

But I've heard probably every version at least once and that only because was the most over played songs of the last year. The number 1 reason I try not to listen to pop radio, which is even hard to avoid now that media is controlled by a few companies. Then recording companies buy time to have their artist played and we are left to suffer.

Maybe sometime next week I'll post the top songs and artist on my iPod and you can rant about those.

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1 comment:

Seth said...

Still waiting for her remix of "Please Don't Stop The Music" called "Please Don't Stop Hitting Me" featuring vocals by Chris Brown....

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