Monday, May 17, 2010

Bow ties are disturbing

Tonight I decided I need a good rant. Though there are many topics I could go off on I decide on something fashion related. Now I'm no trendsetter nor do I usually go out on a limb to stretch the boundaries, so I'm probably a source that the industry will not be consulting. But I was walking the mall today and I noticed a guy he wasn't a knock out or even funky looking. What drew me to notice him was his bow tie. I don't no what is but I just can't take people in bow ties seriously. They just look like a strange clown or something it's hard to describe, I mentally find those that sport these to be, um weird.
Maybe it's just me but when I see a gentleman in other than a tux wearing one I just want to yell "protect your children there is a molester near by!" It just send shivers up my spine. Living here in the South I see them more often than any where else that I have lived. It's not just an older gentleman that I see wearing one, which I some what expect, but I see guys in there 30's wearing them.
But who wears these? Stereotypically I expect to see grandfatherly figure, Republicans, Lawyers, geeks and clowns all wearing one. Okay enough of that, sorry Orville Redenbacher they are just plain weird.

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Jason Shaw said...

I'm soo with you on this. They are rather odd, perhaps a little scary! I speak as one that did go through a bit of a bow tie season in my youth! It was something us English boys did back then - thank god it only lasted a couple of months!

Seth said...

I'll agree. They are just... strange compared to a regular tie. Although even more silly are those bolo ties.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! They're icky

T.W. Morris said...

I wore a bow tie to the Salt Lake City Pride Fest this past weekend.
There's nothing wrong at all with bow ties.
I specifically wear them because most guys don't.
Call me a geek or whatever (yeah, I'm a programmer...) but I love bow ties.

Besides, the 11th Doctor wears a bow tie ;-P

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