Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pt.1 MLB Outlook: The National League

I've decide that I would start with the National League only because I flipped a coin. Overall I don't expect many surprises within it barring some rash of injuries. In the NL there are some rookies that will be fun to watch to bad many of them are on team that I don't expect much else. At the end of September you will see the Phillies with a lock on the east and going up against the AL's best in October. But I'm not ending it there lets see how the rest of the league breaks down in each division.

NL East 
Like above you are going to see the Phillies taking the division early probably around mid September. The Phillies have the rotation, fielding and the hitting they pretty much have it all locked up. Roy Halladay tops the rotation followed up by Hamels, Happ, Blanton and Moyer. There would have been no stopping them if Cliff Lee hadn't been trading, call me nuts but I liked Lee over Halladay.
The but after the Phillies there isn't much else the Atlanta Braves finish second and could make a run at the NL wildcard. It's Bobby Cox's last season so you know the players are going try thier damnest to win. The Braves will be fun to watch with a hot shit of rookie starting in Center Field named Jason Heyward. He beat out Nate Mclouth who had a terrible spring.
The Mets will finish above .500 but I really don't see them  going past 3rd. The Marlins, I see them in 4th above .500 and could easily by pass the Mets. I really don't see anything exciting this year for the Nationals, only reason to even watch them to see pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg start. He'll probably be called up sometime around end of April.

NL Central
At the top of the order at the end of September will once again be the St. Louis Cardinals. They have some pretty good bats and no one can argue that Albert Pujols is not the best in the league. Their pitching staff is good but not as good as the Phillies and that is where I see them finishing just behind the Phillies in October. In second I could see that being a battle between the Reds and maybe the Brewers. Sorry Cubs fans but your rotations isn't anything to speak of and once Derek Lee gotten his at bat there isn't much else. Maybe they will have proven me wrong in July when I revisit the teams. Oh and Astros (new manager) will be in 5th and um the Pirates in last, where else did you expect to find them after they trade away the team last season.

NL West
This could be one of the more exciting divisions. I think you will see the Rockies at the top of the division with the Dodgers follow close behind. The Rockies have a decent squad but their bullpen is in question with Houston Street being out. Overall they can't compete against the Phillies or Cardinals. In the middle of the division will be the Dodgers, Giant and Diamondbacks , it will probably be in that order. This is Joe Torres and Manny's last year of their contracts but that will not be enough to put them over the edge. Manny will probably be looking for work, though Joe will probably be extended. The Giants have Tim Lincecum a monster  of a pitcher anyone would love to have on their staff. They also have a couple studs rookie Madison Baumgarner (P) and Buster Posey (C), Madison will probably start with the club but Buster will probably start in the Minors. The Padres will finish off at the bottom of the pack. It will be interesting to see where Adrian Gonzalez finishes the season. He is the big trade rumor of the year. I hope the Padres will make a commitment and pay him but he'll probably be in the AL in October. 

Wrapping this up;  NL East Phillies (no surprise) going to the World Series. NL Central will be the Cardinals and  they will Battle the Phillies to the rites to October. The NL West you should see the Colorado Rockies, and last but not least the Wildcard I expect to the Atlanta Braves. I think the teams to watch will be the Reds and Giants.

I'm working on the AL but it's to nice not to go outside today. I should post those late tonight or tomorrow.

Just as a disclaimer I'm a Red Sox and Atlanta Braves fan.

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