Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pt. 2 MLB Outlook: American League

A little late but none the less here you go. I meant to have it up yesterday but I wasn't feeling in the right mind to sit down and write anything. Sorry about that but I'm sure you have gone through moods like that. Now on to  analysis... Tonight season will start with the Red Sox are opening up against the current champs the New York Yankees. It's a classic rivalry that has developed over the last hundred of years or so.
As we more across the league I don't see it being much different from last year. So lets move from East to West across the league.

 AL East
Things here will be a repeat of last year with one exception, Toronto I think will be lucky if they finish better than .500, with out Roy Halladay they don't have much going for them. At the top it will be The Yankees in the top slot and the Red Sox a close second. The Yankees have a good mix in all aspect of the game. Loosing Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon will not be missed with addition of Curtis Granderson and he has a hell of lot better arm . The return of Javier Vazquez will seal up the middle of the rotation. The only real questions are will this be Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada last year? 
Right now the only thing keeping the Sox out of first is a bat, they have the pitching staff and the defense should be something to see. But Mike Cameron replacing Jason Bay didn't help with scoring and who knows if Big Papi has his groove back. The rest of the league will go as follows Tampa Bay Rays good bats and defense but no pitching, Baltimore Orioles watch stud Matt Weiters to blossom and you know how I feel about Toronto. Moving west...

AL Central
Just like in the East the fight will only be at the top. I see one being Minnesota Twins and two being the Chicago White Sox. Even though the Twins lost their closer Joe Nathan to Tommy John surgery I think that the can pull it off. They move into a new park this year, have a talented youthful staff, and with the sealing Joe Mauer's presence there will be no nagging question where he'll be next year. In Chicago they have the best rotation in the division but like the Red Sox the don't have a big producer. On a side note in response to a comment from the manager Ozzie; "I don't hate your club I just don't respect it." After these two there is Detroit Tigers they have some youth and a pretty good pitching staff. They really need to add some talented offense. They are in the processes of rebuilding and it will come from down on the farm not from bad signings like in the past. Finally you will find the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City, sorry just no excitement there.

AL West
This could be the division to watch Seattle improved the entire club and Texas Rangers are maturing but need to stay healthy to challenge. The Angels will  just have to stay strong and healthy, by doing that maybe they can just watch the other two wear each other out. I think the division will really come down to Seattle and LA, it just depends on which is the healthiest. LA has been to the playoffs the last few years they know what it takes to get there. Last but not least there is  the Oakland A's, Yawn....

Wrapping things up in the AL; the East will be the Yankees, Central will be the Twins and out West you can count on the Angels. The wild card will be the Red Sox. The team to watch is going to be Seattle I really think they are the black sheep that could make things interesting.

There you have it my predictions for the upcoming baseball season. We'll revisit these in July and see how things are shaping up. Once again I hope you don't use these for wagering, you'd be pretty moronic if you were.

Disclaimer, I am a Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves fan.


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