Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MLB coming soon

Okay with the spring weather trends it only means one thing. That opening day of Major League Baseball is right around the corner. Last year I did one preview for the whole league this time I decide to break it up between the NL and AL. I should have them both up on Thursday, since the season starts this weekend I know I'm a little late. I had hoped to have them up a week or two ago but I've been a slug, when I should have been a slugger :-)
I was hoping for a more eventful free agent market this winter but it was actually pretty boring. There were no bidding wars at all and most clubs had remained quite conservative even the free spending Yankees and Red Sox where kind of quiet. Though both of them did make some moves it just wasn't what we had seen in the past. I think, what had surprised me the most was that teams spent more attention to the retaining the talent that they had on their staff instead of looking else where.
Now before you jump on me about the Red Sox signing John Lakey and not signing Jason Bay, I'll get to those when I do the league breakdowns. This will include the Cliff Lee/ Roy Halladay trade also. So yes there was some action but I was hoping for a Mark Texeria or A-rod style bidding war and those just never developed.
But until then I hope everyone has a great week and that my friends and Family in New England are able to dry out.

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