Monday, February 22, 2010

Miracle on Ice

Today is the 30th aniversity of the USA Ice hockey team's victory over the then Soviet Union team. The world was a different place back then the it was the height of the Cold War, I think that was what made this game so special. The US hockey team was seen as underdogs, a bunch of college kids up against the professionals of the Soviet team, it was made up of the Red Army team. Though this wasn't the medal round, you would have thought it was, the US would go on to beat Finland for the gold. Looking back I can remember this victory it was all over the papers, I was only 11 then. It was especially sweet since some of the players were from the Boston area ( G Jim Craig, RW Mike Eruzione (C), LW Mike Silks, D Jack O'Callahan and would go on to play for the Bruins.

When you look at the uniforms and the equipment it was still very rudimentary in comparison to what the players use today. Seeing the goal Jim Craig in a simple jason like mask just makes you chuckle. Sorry for digressing but I think its funny,
let me get back on my train of thought.

Anyway, lLast night the US mens team beat the Canadian team for the first time since 1960 which was a historic feat. But this wasn't as sweet as the "Miracle on Ice". The make up of the teams is much different and something that I sometime disagree with. Sometime in the 1990's the Olympic committee start allowing teams to use professional players which has led to "Dream Teams". Though the player are still unpaid for their participation and the only satisfaction they get is patriotism, maybe a medal and then a commercial sponsorship. The 1980's US Team was made bunch of kids that beat the great bear and over came all odds. Maybe, even though the game has changed so much this team will give everyone something to cheer for.

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