Friday, February 19, 2010

A few Random Thoughts

Well first and foremost Happy Friday everyone.

Lets start with Tiger Woods. Who cares! I don't care what he has to say about his accident or his family relationship. If he wants to talk to someone maybe he should start with his wife. I've never been a fan of Tiger, yes he's a great golfer but he's also primadonna. It I think that he needed to be brought back to reality, to bad his family had to be a collateral damage. So Tiger Shut up or Play Golf!

Crazy Biblethumpers have been released from Haiti, why I don't know. luckily Haiti kept the craziest on the island. Come on they knew what they were doing was wrong. If they were really worried about the children why didn't they contact some other biblethumpers like the Christian Children's fund? I'm sure that they have mission in Haiti or at least work with they on setting up one. I think the two ring leaders they kept were up to something a bit more devious.

So with that lets end on a good note; I have to agree with the British astronaut Nicholas Patrick and this has to be the quote of the day "It's a perfect place for a pint" when referring to the new 360 view module.

and a hot picture...

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