Friday, February 26, 2010


Well I don't know what the hell happened, sometime on Wednesday the layout/template I was using here imploded. If it hadn't been for the watchful eye of a friend I probably wouldn't have realized it. So after 48hr hours I gave up on trouble shooting and just switched to a new layout all together.  I don't know if it was a coding error or broken link but I gave it my best shot and gave up. As you can see things have changed a bit, but overall things will work pretty much the same. I hope that you like it and if you have an comments about the way it looks I'd love the feedback since I'm still tweaking it

Ryan has been sick the last couple of days with some kind of crazy cough. I've been keeping my distance and taking Ester-C along with my other vitamins. I'm hoping Ryan feels better soon and that I don't get what ever it is. The last thing I need is a cold.

I just wanted to send a shout out to the US Ladies Hockey team on winning the Silver Medal. To bad the Canadian Ladies team weren't such a bunch of poor sports, a bunch of damn hosers. But boy did they one up Scotty, sorority sisters sure know how to party.

Congrats to the US mens hockey team  for beat Finland this afternoon 6-1, they now wait to see who will wins tonight's game (Canada v. Slovakia) for their next opponent and shot at gold on Sunday.

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