Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching Up

Well this last week not much has gone on here just been watching it snow up and down the Eastcoast and I've been feeling left out. Well that could end today there is a winter storm track along the gulf and already caused a mess in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, now Alabama and Georgia is next.
Accumulations have been slim (1-11") in comparison to the what the mid Atlantic area has been hit with. But anything over a dusting in the South, might as well be a foot, most southern cities have very little equipment to deal with it so they just have to wait to the sun to melt it.

I have to work tonight so it will be dead I can already see that. If it snowing all of the fools are rushing to Kroger or Public to pick up there 8 gallons of milk, bread and beer. You think that I kid? It's like a couple of inches of snow are going to have them snowed in. I've been snowed in Blizzard of "78" yeah I was only 9 so I had a blast playing in the stuff. Even today I feel like I'm 9 when the white stuff starts falling. Let the Games begin!! You can watch my Tweets for the latest action.

Speaking of which the Winter Olympics start tonight with the opening ceremonies. I always like Bobsledding, Luge, Hockey, Biathlon and Speed skating.

I may watch some of the downhill events if they have any snow, but I wish they had allowed the ladies Ski Jumping, but not this year. But I have also lost interest over the years it just so hard to find winter sporting events on mainstream TV. I hope to catch what I can but knowing the network coverage it won't be any of the events that I listed. If you have been curious about hockey I recommend checking out the Olympic Preview written by hockeykidmn on I've been a fan of both blogs and they deserve some traffic.

If you are tired of winter, look on the bright side. Pitcher and Catcher report next week for Spring training, yep you guessed it Baseball season is starting which means Spring is just around the corner.

I almost forgot I have finally have made into the modern era. Ryan got me a 32g iPod touch for my birthday. "THANK YOU Sweetie!!!" It's pretty cool I loaded all of my music and it only took up 9g so I guess I need more :-) I also realize I may have to stop poking fun at all of the iDiots since I'm now one. Nah I'll still poke fun, I'm not going to run out and get a Macbook or the holy iPad, LOL! sorry I can only think of that MadTV spoof now. No matter how cool it ends up being I will only think of that skit. Now I guess I can play those silly facebook games like; list the last or most played 25 songs on your ipod. Whoo hooo can't you see my excitement.

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